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mind fuckin blown

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i am very tired but i dont think that is correct
he first one is decimal and the second one is negated binary
!((binary)0101) = (decimal)10
!(0101) = ten
k get it?

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i mean i am not into feet but i think if i were i would be kind of put off by the big veiny bulge on the side of her right foot
shes got a vein man, her feet are assymetrical and one is arguably imperfect
is the first 0010 binary or hex
why would you be insane

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hehe like a taxi

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like, without the projector?
no holograms?
i think my car seat is bad for my back
yes i think newcar is a good idea

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this is the first tv ive ever seen that actually seems worth the stupid amount of money they asked for it

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that just has no backlight?
i wonder why that isnt a thing more
yeah i saw an oled tv with curved display

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unless youre already spending $$$ on boards
something tiny on flexpcb injection molded into double shot frame and lens would be neat, tho

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well, in a living room with a film crew
exjob's CEO announced tons of layoffs
lower yields

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macegr_: hey neat she invented glasses like yours
wait that was a kia commercial

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black tea is like, normal tea
so like, herb tea
that stuff can be way tasty
a lot of it has chamomile, will actually put you to sleep
yeah im not a big fan of green tea
tho arizona green tea + apple juice is #1 drink ever
so google zips a bunch of directories for download, and in the list of download, which are all active and started today, chrome has them grouped by random dates from the last month

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macegr_: glasses or whole stage?
macegr_: crowd is going wild
obvious some sort of anarchist thrash metal act
the fillmore is pretty huge, no?
its all about the single red light
dim, never blinking

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see vietnam era film converted to HD was mind blowing
yeah but it needs to be converted to digital
well, not recently in HD

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