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ha, i like 'unscrew powered light bulb' pic

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rab: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B016NA3XCM

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pretty neat

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gpf: ikr! our reservoirs are above average im like wat?!?!
1/4" is pretty extreme

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jezus fuck those knives are 1/4" thick
this is 6.4

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aerith_gx: this is worse than bowie shakin his ass with muppets in labyrinth

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whats bc2?
tell them you are not a racist you are just a sad troll

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so like, those movies may have been his best work
totally serious
hahaha @ throwing the bullets

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macegr: if a weather mesh is their plan they could just fuckin say it
because yeah im like, yo my phone already has weather alerts
i know beceuas everytime i see them im like yo i should turn those off
technology level: available at bed bath and beyond like 2007
macegr: so like, normal product

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so like, wtf does the umbrella have to do with it
og nevermind you are paying to be part of community and the umbrella is a community perk
ok so its a weather station with app that vibrates and a gopro mount
this sounds awesome like an arduino cnc machine
efsenable: you cant do that in all of america

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