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shenzen is a murder
thats deep

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right cutting fluid i think?
dinosaur juice
yeah vegetable starch or whatever, i have a settlement farm specifically for adhesive
take everything, make glue, scrap weapons that yield screws
scrap armor that yields leather, sell other weapons and armor, food with rads that cant be cooked
haha, kates corset doesnt add charisma
it adds endurance

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the scrapper perk was prob the most useful
get screws from guns and shit
have you gotten the second levels?
for scrapper, i dont know if i want that
sorry second perk level
i guess you get stuff like circuit board and fiber optics from stuff?
yeah i cant wait, i didnt know thats what it meant by highlight i thought it meant in pipboy and shops
that makes more sense, im like, doesnt it already do that
then the world lights up
too easy right now
k back to game, level up then laundry

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shrug, runs fine how many fusion cores you have?
i have like 25 theyre almost all above 90
haha nice
yeah but i dont buy things
not intentionally i just never need to, i go to shops to unload, and craft all my weopons
yeah i dont buy ammo
i try and have i have a weapon maxed out for each ammo type
jezus fuck i know
so i stopped using it
and just use a maxed out combat shotgun
i found it pretty early and it was like, try thing, OKAY FINE kill it 3 hits explosive shotgun
mine is up to 2.5x
i cant upgrade to level 4 science/gun nut/armorer for maybe 4 levels
so next to, im going to get hacking and locks up to master
and then start putting into snipe perks
i think i did ammo scavenger early
prob why i really dont need to buy ammo
maybe later in the game
i dont use auto weapons much

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kevtris: like 33, i started maybe 6 weeks ago, tho
also take everything was very good advice
and yeah new fallouts are visually stunning but way easier
ill go back
jero32: compared to fo2, yes amazing
yeah i cook everything
i have all the NPC party people farming glue
jero32: honestly it doesnt look bad
definitely improved from fo3/nv, which didnt look bad
kevtris: do you use power armor lots?
i hardly use power armor, i have like 5 frames, 4 complete in my garage

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i usually do that but i was on third try and didnt pass with like 7 karma
before that, i almost thought that it was hard coded to pass after a save, shit always worked before
also ive gotten into the habit of changing into agatha dress and dark rimmed sunglasses before barter sessions, huge difference in prices
er, 7 charisma

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also, haha @ fo4, changing into a dress and some sunglasses in the middle of a fight scene to pass a dialog charisma check, only to change back into combat armor before bullets start flying

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rab: you prob lose in court because somewhere there is a rule saying that youre supposed to tell the school that the kid has medication on him
so they can confiscate it and make using it drama
they do that shit with inhalers and its dangerous, i dont see why they wouldnt with laxatives
otherwise youre in the right direction
you have the parent walk into admin and get loud
it doesnt really matter about what
and thats prob why they were charged in the first place, because the other kids parent walked into admin and got loud
and when they said they would consider detention, the parents went ballistic and said they wanted the cops involved, 30sec later school police is there

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prob the majority in america
anyway, my guess is most people practice religion to get along with their immediate family

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im okay with people who are casually religous
most of them seem to understand the concept of a fable
nope, most casual followers wouldnt even go there
again, they get that their book is basically a collection of fables
in the case of the bible, its like half north african tribal mythology, half roman story about a prophet
a lot of them will however claim that the religion is a lifestyle choice, and that somehow they are better off for being religious
which i personally think is dumb, all the good aspects of religion are pretty common social norms that people learn over time living in groups
like, okay dont kill people, steal their shit, fuck their wives
like, duh

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um, thats how like 95% of people participate in christianity and judaism
because that has basis in science and health
while smoking and drinking is probably more of a social morals thing
i mean, smoking has health implications, drinking is mostly non beneficial, but muslims have had rules about that long before that was established for certain
jero32: also its probably harder to hide because meals are often a family thing

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ha, other hacker still a beavis
ya fuck trump, he says other hacker cant go hom see his mother and come back until we figure out wtf is going on with the entire world
and hes not even that fuckin religious, talks shit about where hes from pretty often
my audio hardware engineer buddy is iranski (half iranian half russian)
and isnt really religious, but is like non practicing muslim
i mean, this is a guy makes tube amplifiers for fun, solid state amplifiers for money, and smokes weed behind his mech engineer wifes back
not so radical muslim

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