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like bitches i needed that muttfruit
no but im pretty sure the dlc broke my install
initially it said my cloud saves were gone
yeah i rebooted and then i dont remember what and it came back
before it said my saves were gone it just wouldnt start
i think maybe i had an instance open when steam tried to update or i dunno
yeah could be whatever i did had no effect and their cloud server got off the crack
k back to game

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kevtris: yeah this guy im escoring just stepped on a mine
he kind of rubs his head, shakes it off, gets up
i feel in a hardcore fallout world, dude would just be dead and your quest would be done
also im having this issue where my glue farmers are only eating one type of crop
so like, ill have enough mutfruit and corn but no tatos because they eat them
so im going to do monoculture farms
but fuck man why cant they just like, eat all the food

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ha, if theyre locked single room bathrooms and the mens is occupied, ill just go into the womens restroom

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fuckin country going nuts over transgenders and bathroom
i dont get why we even need two diff types of bathroom

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depends, some people would ask why you dont have small chinese farmgirls doing that for you
a lot of what i do is breaking prototypes, then fixing prototype, then modding prototype, then repeat
its kind of neat, i usually get first stab at fixing a lot of problems

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ac-130u: kevtris deals with synths at a component, assembly, and discrete logic level, so pretty much everything hes worked on is modular, in a sense
right, at the design/troubleshooting/reversing level thats damn near every synth created
haha, thats like when people ask me YO DO YOU CIRCUIT BEND?!
and im like, you mean rework design?
but then i realize that knowing the outcome maybe means its not circuit bending
i mean thats essentially my job, i usually just have a goal and functional knowledge of electronics

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economics exam not so bad
so i guess they key is to wait to do homework until very last minute, and then study while freaking out for an hour
i had to help a company figure out how much to raise toner cost in order to make up for a reduction in printer price, taking companies borrowing rate into account

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kevtris: its mostly about terminology and corner cases
like interest paid at the beginning vs end of the month
comparing alternatives with different life spans
so calc with exponents sometimes, sometimes use specific cash flows
like, cash flow isnt consistent
maintenance is $500 but its free first 3 years
overhaul costs at intervals
its not bad shit to know but it sure as fuck isnt very interesting

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macegr: yeah whatever fuck that they just use tables or some calculator thing

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Sounter Bores
guys i dont want to calculate all the interest and payments anymore

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