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marketing law, im guessing

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its a scam
like, its fucked but its kind of typical =\
yeah but that effectively what that is
and its niche
its an academic publisher
honestly, if you pay few hundred for white papers in a year, $500 for a decent reference isnt crazier than $10k on a CAD package
$2k is nuts, but theres an audiophile demand which should make sense to you
its like a guy who pays $4000 for an american custom guitar, and then puts it on his wall next to his medical degree
book goes on the shelf next to the guitar

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neighbors got random drunk girl to bring pizza
timecop: ?
out of print books get expensive
its $470 used
theres like 10 books left and someone will buy it couple times a year
timecop: some of my books are like $400+ and they sell thousands a year

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im not even sure deflection of the rails would matter in this case
yeah, i think its just about parallel alignment and bearing play, to keep it from getting stuck because one side moved more than other
kk, laters

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magnets big enough to do this would be a serious safety issue during fab, like lose your fingers or hands type shit
they would need to be subwoofer size magnets
i wouldnt use neo
paranoia, demag due to vibration
ha, yeah very paranoid, test gear would prob be damaged first
thing is they wont slide easy without some sort of recirculating bearing setup
if you want them to be omnidirectional
and thats starting to get way complicated
well i would just get worried about them getting stuck, then pulling the magnets away trying to unstick
yeah the gantry makes that a lot easier too

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but typical roller bearing linear ways would work fine
you could just buy gantry CNC shit from ebay
the magnets thing simplifies the overhanging issues, but it prob makes everything else more complicates
and the magnets and the steel are going to be $$$ and hard on the structure theyre mounted to
like, most of the mounting force is going to be holding up your rig, your test gear wont even be significant
i think two steel bars or tubes along the edges of the room
then a gantry made of two bars pretty far apart
like, 3ft maybe
then you have you test gear carriage mount to the two gantry bars using same linear bearing setup
this idea is pretty much off the shelf
i think any ball in slot setup is going to work just okay with some frustration at the beginning
and itll only get worse with wear

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huge magnets on bearings is probably better
no i mean fab something that isolates magnets from a ferrous cieling with bearings
yeah something like that
if you did it in two parts it would be simpler in concept but maybe more difficult to fab, but it could work extremely smooth
like a gantry
so have an axis full width of the room
and that would ride on two perpendicular mounted axis
could do it with 4 thick pipes
well, you could do this with magnets

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ball in slotted grid
get away with aluminum channel extrusions
thats so fuckin scary
i wouldnt hang test gear from that
id want way more overhang
ya thats totally the right idea
huge neo bearing magnets

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diy, it needs to be overbuilt, because test gear
commercial, its low demand and not trivial
closet door hangars
and closet door hangars are going to weak

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fuckin typo
lab manual says gain is 1.5, its 5.1
8.2 / 2 + 1
fuckin college...

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that was scripted?
placements hella cool
annotate in all the directions!

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blackmoon: would be great for bipolar coupling, low frequency active filters
wima film caps for that shit are huge
less messy
looks messy
arbitrary unaligned curve traces bits, everything else pretty neat
i mean functionally looks fine but it doesnt have 'the look' like its done, shrug

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figure 2 is pretty interesting, considering that was 8 years ago
oh thats still ceramic, films compared to ceramic is fig 7
table iv, sound quality (piezo effect), their c0g ceramic are rated same as their film
tho theyre rated with between 1 and 3 stars
they should have used smiley faces

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theres a lot of studies that say that
rab: also the PCBAs never came from korea
they were punted over from china, endless finger pointing drama

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ceramic is probably drama
kind of wonder what yield is like on the big ceramics
like working voltage rating or actual operational voltage?
haha yeah thats not great for audio
or anything timing
tho who uses caps for timing anymore

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pretty much everything signal path at line6 was SMD film
yes i was surprised and impressed
smd capacitore manufacturers, shrug
they werent off brand, least not our parts bin components
i dont think they were cheap in small qty
remember the bulk of signal path there was converter buffers
coupling was usually done with bipolar electrolytic, not many active filters i can recall, so the values were pretty small
im guessing almost all under 100nF, so in many cases the wima caps still make sense
my guess is no one likes making them

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i kind of like it because its so easy to go under passives
i thought euro blocks were the green press in screw clamps
or maybe audio decided to call them that like pc builders call the amp/tyco connectors molex connectors
they make SMD film in c0g

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