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rab: awesome printer still awesome

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how is glossy not shinyness

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whats specular?
like, what direction light is supposed to bounce off?

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is basically shadow maps with a reference light source, no?
but you need two textures, no?

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what is normal mapping?
like, texture elevation map?
google says yes

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neighbor: "OMG THAT FAGGIT IM GETTING RAPED" so i guess hes a bottom
haha that shit is actually way louder outside than in my place

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either way

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hes going to break the handlebars
yeah i didnt mean sustained very long
omg if that thing fell off the rollers
i dont think theyre mounted
2nd pic is dumb, wouldnt last long
a 2" rock would destroy it

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true feminism is whatever is influencing more people at the moment
majority feminism?
whatever it is, it isnt what rab is describing right now at the moment
blackmoon: because tradition in civlization base don the fact that males can usually beat females up
its not really much more complicated than that
if you do it right they make you meals literally forever
they do the bicycles powering a PA for a live show thing at make faire and music festivals
usually like half a dozen people on bikes
puke up his toast
and i though people were capable of like half kw?

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they might just be bored
same argument still applies, theyr paid to make you feel happy while doing a transaction
flirting just means theyre really good at their job
thats only half joking
burny: then complain, or dont go back
blackmoon: it depends on the feminist
most of the girls ive dated were agressive feminists, would usually pay their share
that said, they wouldnt fight very hard if i offered to pay
and the one lesbian girl, she wanted to pay for everything
feminist doesnt really mean anything specific anymore
it could be one who desriminates against men, or it could be someone that believes in gender equality
or it could be someone who thinks the concept of gender is offensive
its all pretty lame, i believe in human rights, fuck isms

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i guess dish soap is good for getting that stuff off before putting decent wax on

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also lots of random political speeches, debates, so im informing him
hes like, neckbeard wheelchair, so rage isnt surprising
his window is usually open and his desk is next to it
his place is little, i looked at it before mine and its 1/3 as deep
and only maybe 5% cheaper
so its not like you cant be within a few feet of the open window
if you waxed it should be okay
rinse, dry
my car is covered in probably 50 layers of auto carwash wax
mostly non contact pressure washers
is kind of ick but im pretty sure paint is okay, ha

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omg **quiet
wait no one of them actually is quite
also project cars + soundcloud/spotify
there are neighbores who live in another building across a 10ft walkway, and they complain about the dude yelling at people while gaming

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every time he hums, loud ass bass music
sometimes racing sim + loud ass music
sometimes explody games with post apocolypric 50s themed music
and yeah, listening to dude talk shit to kids for hours, have not so much sympathy
rab: also must be said that music coming from venue 30 yards away and multiple parties within a 2 block radius are about as loud as my music turned up
this is not a neighyborhood you move to for the quite, quite the opposite actually

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even that big box is little
ya i thought both, too
neighbor is humming animu themes or something
neighbor themes: puzzle game bings, humming animu loud, calling fellow puzzle gamers stupid faggot motherfuckers
is like the guy is puzzle gaming with teamspeak

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im like, who cares in 2016
see im like, why are total and visible lines different things
how much energy on wasted scans
so many carbons

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thats a lot of neo

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