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homework is done, bitches
fuckin 3am, due in 6 hours, i really should have done this couple weeks ago...
but im totally 3 levels away from having lvl 4 gun nut, science, and armorer perks
so probably worth it

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omfg fuck scientists
look up table of atomic radii
units are m*10^-10
wtf is a 10^-10
is it?
wiki does it in pico meters
which is kinda cool, all the textbooks ive used like to use fraction of a nm

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so much ow

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oh i dunno, ive never heard of that, sounds neat
wow there is a wall to keep the fuel from like, spreading to infiniti
jaxdahl: haha, tank test was like they poured a beer too fast

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oh like that inside a tank?
i thought that but figured that would just go out because lack of o2
but i dont think what was in the vid would be a bad test for standards certification
repeatable simulation of a real hazard, fire goes out quick enough to make iterative pre-testing easy enough

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they do a good job of it
and wow your scroll is long wasnt thats days ago
jaxdahl: is that some sort of standard test?
otherwise it seems terribly optomistic to have surrounded a fire like that with like 50 foam spraying nozzles

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shrug, abx it or its bullshit

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2007 scion tc
just uses oil
not as ton either, about a qt every 1k miles
its 0w-20, too, so should use more
but its gotten much worse in the last 30k miles
like 140k miles
i havent done shit to it, i dont consider it a huge problem
they have a ring issue, the problem gets worse, they offered a fix, i did the stupid 1200 miles test to confirm its effected, and now theyre bullshitting about doing the work
like, i check my oil, its not like somethings going to break because of this

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well that was a year full of bullshit
so now toyota is like, no you have to get oil consumption test done at dealership that repairs it
which is diff than what they said before, what the other dealership said before
and makes toyota customer services goal in our last few conversations confusing, as thats what they were trying to make happen
piston rings, warranty extension that now doesnt matter
im not doing a 1200 miles test again
and im pissed i did it the first time
i replace the mobil 1 and high quality filter in my car every 5k miles?
im supposed to dissassembly the engine and polish the rings by hand?

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PCB gcode fails because java...

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thats a pretty good wax putin

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vrooom: ya i like the new miatas a lot more

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they sounded future awesome brand new
i once saw a couple at whole foods with as cart full of groceries, couple minutes scratching their heads trying to figure out how to open gtr trunk

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vrooom: vrooom yeah you saw that too? the bearing surface knock against the edge of the block
theyre like 2-3 year cars
G35s were kind of the same, which is sad because they were half as much and not marketed as exotic
like, brand new G35s had exhaust like cat growl, after couple years they all sounded like dying cats

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heh, previous motors werent known for reliability

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