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jezus fuck finally

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blackmoon: looks like bracket was cut for some mod
because they prob bought too much and cant sell it

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x 3/8"?
ha weird thats kind of what i imagined it looking like
that looks like the worst paper cut ever

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30 degree pyramid engraving tool, .005" radius tip
the only place it gets close to .016" space is between the adjacent miniplug pads
it does multiple passes
the tiny gap is just tghe outline of the pads
most everything else is about 4 passes
$12, they got cheaper
i think i was paying like $18
i have the spring loaded engraving tool still

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neglected cnc still bust out a .016 board like whatever
i thought traces ended up small but capiers say im dumb

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right i just mean that type of rachet crimper, ive used them with permanent and swappable dies
assholes rivet the dies in =(

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ha, ya rally fans are a road hazard
volume up, codriver has some funny lines
those are nice
ive use actual and knockoff crimpers like that, both types pretty awesome

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