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blackmoon: 2nd to last one you could play at typivcal EDM festival, it wouldnt be out of place
heh, last one sounds like chiptune geeks
electronic dance music festival, basically a rave except now theyre pretty much normal music festivals, but at night
nice, this has low sub bass
thats not surprising

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feed it through some distortion and reverb and i prob get emotional
oh huh, that is what that sounds like
and yeah this stuff youve linked before
its basically modern bass music, kind of moves around between dubstep/progessive house/drum n bass sounding stuff

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actually this sounds a lot like mistabishi (printer jam song guy)
hmm no it is someone named former
i wonder if that is a voice coil reference
actually timecop agrees way more with you regarding music
a lot of what you post is happy hardcore sounding
right, and tc <3 hhc
im very sensitive to sample vibe with the hhc stuff
yeah this is just way too pretty
2:20 it gets neat
haha, yeah see i like it when she shuts up and it just degenerartes into a ploinky pattern with an even low frequency bonk

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the upbeats <3 u
go to 2:40!
well you cant have it yet anyway because its only a preview
you should listen to noisia radio tho, they are funnt
i dont know what that is
o cmon you gotta be into the shit at 5:30
its like a printer ate a cat and someone frankensteined them both and gave it a xylaphone

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wait what did moon say about way oil did i win $20 from the voodoos?

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Al - Anodized - Al - Steel - Al - Fe

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taig is so weird
table to saddle, the x axis, is anodized aluminum to cast alumnum
saddle to base, y axis, is cast aluminum to ground stainless steel square bars
the bars are bolted to more cast aluminum, onto iron square tube
stainless and iron too, maybe
im just guess about it being stainless, it doesnt seem like typical carbon steel
but yeah its like an aluminum sandwich

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you dont have like a grainger or something?
or some local organic version
yeah it prob wont rust like, in a week
thats so weird that seems shady
wow vacuoline is expensive

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vactra is sweet
so when i like, turn my machine on, havent touched the gibs or lubed shit for years, havent run it for months, and does hours and hours cycles like whatever, its totally the vactra
what kernel are they on?
its kind of cool linux has gotten to the point where i can use it and know fuck all about the kernel version or the dev fs
like, shit actually works
drivers, package managers
ha, c++ class makes the kids use vim, use remote terminals to login to shell account to do assignment

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omg speaking of mind rot, there is evil dead tv show?!
it seem to be good/horrible like escape from LA
do you have cast iron ways?
that would bum me out
this like, standard knee mill or lathe?
because yeah probably
well, no i havent seen, but yeah that looks like probably big giant block of ground iron
rab: i would call mobil and ask about the vacuoline

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like, price of big monitor is insanity
price of tv with low latency, almost cheap now
no rab in this channel just be the ideal you its what we expect
the youth are such dorks
i mean, theyre pretty much the same
vactra no2
$20, this is what he will say

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blackmoon: so youre saying 4k would be perfect for a 50" monitor
theyre lcd-led?
i kind wanna wait, see how cheap oled shit gets
seriously, curved oled 50" 4k tv at best buy the only tv in my life i stopped and said fuck that looks good
bc not a tv person so much
honestly at 1080p, even at the threshold of pixelization, its more about refresh
the craziest shit ive seen on 1080 was like, maybe 7 years ago
like, was vietnam footage, at 60hz
like, kind of feel ill real
because you do the brail terminal thing, right?

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