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omg no classes for 29 hours
thats so much sleeping!

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yeah the half price one looks like better machining
k time to nap in electronics class
i guess now we are learning how to spice
also materials science class is fuckin rad
hmm i dont see 10 pack listed
oh, 1=10p
ya that seems weird like i would make a phone call

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not weird because $$$
if theres problems, they defer to lady aids
ya agree, but this is the crowd who spend like $50 to push button and blink an LED with an AVR
and get confused when you say the word microcontroller
and think a rasberry pi is basically the same thing
so now they feel pro about it
how many times in your life have you fucked up at buying plugs/housings/pins?

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fuck these things are tiny
so like, its a pitch benefit
thats all i see in it
right but i dont see how that will stop deflection
they could make the spring more of a ribbon profile i guess
yeah fuck, this shit is like .002"-.003" thick
If a current is applied during the stroke, at a position other
than the recommended stroke, or when the Probe Pins are
not in contact with the target, the life of the Probe Pins will
be drastically reduced.
so my guess is the relay is a pretty shit conductor
and the spring is in the ballpark of same resistance
The catalog value of the carrying capacity may not be met
due to Probe Pin deterioration or other factors.
Allow sufficient leeway when you design the actual application.
"current life is shit, deal with it"

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wait what
whats the spring made out of
right but not a switch, right?
i dont get the 'relay' part
its just a stop?
i guess, heh
switched resistors of useless value
but the spring wouldnt?
and i would think this 'relay' contact is less consistent that an actual contact
maybe an alignment feature
like the spring is meant to deflect in a certain direction which is interfered by the relay

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