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no i mean the scope probe capacitance
its prob around 20pf
oh, ya no idea
blackmoon: new weed place is like, 2 top shelf joints for new patients, and 2 joints for everyone just because
i thought that meant i get two better joints for 1st time, nope, 4 joints
this is like a golden age of weed
we dreamed about this as kids

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looks like the brawn gp car
virgin sponsor is correct
blackmoon: ^
joellama: ^
the bears finished the pitstop
maybe the extra cap is causing it to glitch

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what happens to the ones they dont recover =\

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ha @ global windstorm what if

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jaxdahl: rockets prob less drama than abrasives
would make sense to use whatever they use to accelerate it to slow it down
blackmoon: ha
i dunno, the house would prob go flying too
you maybe be okay
i dont think it would go far enough to rise very much

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i kind of always wonder what that extra shit was
i always kind of assumed just some spinny shit that blows fuel and oxygen into the bell
nice to know i was vaguely correct
another application of 'blow shit up, make it moves things which suck more shit to blow up'
so like the opposite of cars?
they just run super lean so not enough fuel ro react with all the o2?
they use v8s for everything!
well, land speed record is pretty high now
i think theyre well above sound barrier, no?
nope, looks like they got to the sound barrier and then noped out
i dont think hyperloop counts

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not mechanically, but principle of operation, its less like a automotive turbo because no IC engine in between
like, the exhaust turbines are off to the side instead of inline
34krpm, neat
that things probably way big
whats psia?
psi average?
materials science class is fucking awesome
then solid crystal structures, then distortions in xtal structures, then diffusion, then tensile loading, then sheer loading, then failure modes, nor were at phase diagrams

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thats kind of a typical jet engine, no?
both kind of, theyre coupled
hmm yeah something else i guess
hmm yeah not sure but kinda seems like a normal jet engine, diff config, and suck o2 from a tank instead of the outside
or its just using the fuel pressure to suck o2 in at a consistent rate?
like, its not exhaust driven?
oh, yeah its def output driven
yeah this seems like a weird configuration of a jet engine and afterburner, that doesnt take in external air

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multiple H pickups -> cable with maybe 20-100pF -> random arrangement of pots and caps in the guitar for volume and tone -> hi-z amp input, maybe 200k to 2M typical, -> power amplifier, probably underpowered intentionally -> speaker transducers in an open back cabinet
transducer = speaker driver in this case, cabinet is either just a seperate box, or part of the amplifier
so some designs will have multiple speakers
for example, 8x10" is a legendary monster bass cabinet setup
you just put the microphone in front of the one you want to record
near field
so bogner sometimes does like, two driver cabinets, using two popular but very different speakers
and combined obviously they will sound like neither
but recorded near field you can get either tone
it would comb filter like a mfkr
but guitarists dont care
would be interesting ID for a speaker
rocket booster exhaust cabinets
like something you would see in some sci-fi themed club

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which is pretty fuckin genius
like, clipped amps and speaker cone breakup is the electric guitar sound
when people go direct into hi-z preamp on an audio interface, most will software use plug-in amplifier and cabinet models on it
er, use software plug-in
like, guitars are incredible sensitive to input impedance
you can get a totally diff tone depending on amp, input z could be from like 100k to 5M and the pickups are inductors of a few henries
and going through cables with few dozen or a 100 pf of capacitance
which normal doesnt matter, but *henries*, not uH or mH, just H
04:23 <@BlackMoon> so theres a cabinate with transducers... wuts this do.
not sure what you mean or being sarcastic
amp in between

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like, youre supposed to copy a 30 year old design and use transistors with doped silicon from the 60s
well the guitarists are like MATRIX AMP OMG SO BRIGHT, SO CLEAN, SO FORWARD
we measure it, and its just flaw and reaonsably low THD
good amp, but literally, just an amp
its almost just proof that guitarists are trained to accept total shit amplifiers
right, tubes are for preamps
naw, they mic amp cabs
thats pretty much what you know as a studio guitar sound
so like, there are two standard vintage guitar transducers
vintage 30 and green backs
bogner does amps with both of them sometimes, which initially i thought was kinda weird
but someone mentioned that its so you can mic one side, or the other, and get either tone

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you have to do that anyway for a lot of stuff
like, if youre testing ESD pulses, the actuall pulse when the threshold of the resistance of air is broken if going to be higher than any scope
bc bm = smart
blackmoon: guitar job was interviewing a guy works for a company making AB amps guitarists all impressed with (its just a normal flat full range mosfet amp)
bunch of guys were like HOW YOU DO IT HOW YOU MAKE MAGIC AMP?
hes like, eh? i just used an application circuit from the mosfet company
marketing, sound design, the musicians, theyre like WHAT YOURE A FAKE YOURE A SHAM
engineering is like, HIRE THIS GUY WE LOVE HIM
naw dude
they use a pair of semi open frame power supplies
like a pair of mean wells inside a 1U chassis
it was pretty clean looking inside
but if the answer you want is fairy dust and voodoo dolls, him saying it was a known working design suggested by the output device manufacturer, they consider you a fake

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you basically have to see everything as a parasitic component
that one doesnt move
$1000 sounds cheap for something that high bandwidth
unless its from the 80s

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any car you are parking in a tight place

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turn the wheel, then move
not turn the wheel and move

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