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guys getting paid is hard
this guy is going to contract out work ive already done to someone else
so they can return my parametric models into modified stl files
so confused
okay truth, the RF geeks would ask me to replace with like, 4pf, 2.2pf, but never 0.5pf
so maybe you are right
its doing some itterative shit with log curves or something?

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active or passive?
you put diodes?

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omg printer driver wants me to restart computer

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oh trip out my printer model number is my birth day and then year
so awesome, so nothing
is like when i flicked a cig butt at the ground and it landed standing up
people saw
yeah the calm thing is key
i just kind looked at it for a second like whatever while every one else was like WHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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oh poe is hi-z source?

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guys why not just unplug all the things

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poe never kills non poe stuff?
heh, one place i worked had poe for the ip phones, we just never plugged anything into those holes
thats good to know

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you maybe want to disconnect things on those cables
i meant devices on the eth cables that might not be tolerant of the DC coltage
yeah i dunno if 24v is enough to hurt the transformers, i assume they have a big max voltage
but i know plugging in proprietary DC supplies that use eth cables into nic eth jacks can burn them
dunno the details, if maybe was just shorted across grounds or what
just that customers were mad

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also, hi
i know i made the sound and typed it out

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