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that last explanation just seems like a reall long way to say that it falls into a crystal lattices without impurities
i has to crawl to materials class i can ask him what he thinks

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some teachers calling in sick anyway
one guy is having a baby and will be out rest of semester, i think he overreacted with his excuse
rab: then i feel like it goes on to explain that perfect eutectic binary is best

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1% up there is less transistion than 1% (and 2%) down
he wont know!
i like him tho, cool guy, prob my age
also maybe 63% because of the flux
oh so its a solerance thing
itds because if you are +/- 1%, you get less transistion targeting 1% up than dead on
that makes sense to me
either seem likely
so at least too reasons to targer 1% high
teacher strike was called off

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rab: is a chaper on phase diagramsd, uses sn-pb diagram alot
im in a lecture hall pointing up at a projector screen like 'its supposed to be 63'
rab: https://ay14-15.moodle.wisc.edu/prod/pluginfile.php/36781/mod_resource/content/2/Fig%209-7a.jpg
there are several examples with the eutectic point labeled, they all say 61.9% Sn
i feel like this is a big oversight
ya shrug

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