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guy doesnt even have power armor

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oh man bummer
i got 100% on programming project and it brought down my grade
is now 103% instead of 104% =(

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so they can basically play that game forever now?

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no NDA, either
macegr: thing is if he cant afford my rates i doubt anywhere else will work for him
woah, blaster

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macegr: straight bet or some pool with specifics?
macegr: so basically everyone is down
oh i thought you meant baseball
but yeah, the only sane gamblers seem to be the ones who see it as entertainment
like going to a bar or a music show
theyre also the ones that tend to get good, basically plays are automatic enough the dealer will play for them if theyre sitting alone
and theyre all down
friend says no one he knows and trusts says their up
macegr: thats the point
like, if you go back, its probably because you won
i think that would be a valid study, to interview gambling addicts about their first experiences
i bet almost all initially won
anyway guy wanted to talk tonight, prob about summer employment and payment
i think i tell him to fuck off, nicely

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he would need toolroom machinery to match them
he had this plan where he was going to sell mold plates
this also doesnt account for the alignment dowell processes either
macegr: i can repeat same job, with scaled parts
otherwise, yeah im quoting like i dont want to do it
thats where were at now
he paid me in pizza to do a meeting with his kids
and because of how he handled payment last time, were now on a quote, purchase order, invoice over email system or im not doing anything
no his idea makes sense and he got mad preorder money a year or two ago
after he paid me, he starts rambling about charging customers 5x for custom preorders to fix cashflow
totally unrelated, he bragged about winning enough at poker to pay rent
macegr: ha ya rly
anyway i got paid decent for the work i did
chad from #cars?
ur not from #cars i dont think you can make fun of chad
my friend doesnt gamble but works in a casino
so i hear a lot of stories
thats is pretty cool

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well, no basically he said he had three times what he paid me one week, i did a design and machining job which turned out pretty sweet, then he only had a third of it next week
then he hired some new kids to handle the CAD work remaining
which is prob under an hour of CAD work
blackmoon gets it
guy isnt technical enough to be a project manager
but he is acting as if project manager
also spends decent amount of money on things i do not think will help his project
he bought a HF lathe to square up some mold blocks, which you can buy at sub .001 precision for like $100
to square up aluminum blocks...
im like, is he comehow going to use the lathe to cut a vise square?
dude i dont even know how you square up aluminum blocks on a small lathe
macegr: like the carbide3d cnc, which i bypassed to do the work
he could sell that and pay me to finish the whole fucking project in 2 weeks
blackmoon: right but its a tiny lathe
so basically you need to be a very good machinist
i told him the mold plates were way good

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macegr: teh nino is here
my car is small
my coffee iss so bad i turned it into a blended coffee drink
with lots of brown sugar and whole milk
new guy wants to pay me in future company value, terms undefined
said he had 3 units of money set aside for me to do the work, was a bitch to get one unit of money out of him
lacks focus, has yet to complete a thing, have given him clear path to completion
.65 units
wants to employ over summer, complains about cashflow issues before asking me about payment in future company value

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ha, friend is about to have second kid 3 years after first
but like, he has to like sneak in phone calls, crazy busy
we talkin not even 5 min and hes like FUUUUUU GOTTA GO BABY
he is irish tho
he handles it pretty well
im not a fan
youre gonna jinx it
macegr, daddy 2017
tf is an eldritch
pretty accurate

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kevtris: maybe not much more with current production numbers, but prob wouldnt have gotten to this level of production without the cheap chip
just guessing, they sell a fuckton
right but i dont think its a loss
where as if they tried to sell at a more traditional cost, they may have sold enough to recover engineering costs
er, they may not have
the little square puck thing?
i think thats what my school is using for workstations
yeah pretty sure im thinking nucs
ya rly
no idea

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blackmoon: kevtris
isnt that a reset button? the TH part
does it come with a reset button? more elegants than screwdriver to some jumpers or tweezers across a resistor
yeah i dont has either
reset button blow up BOM by 5% =O
i want to ditch engineering economics and risk analysis class to do homework for that class

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