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timecop: the bigger more expensive one
thats prob fine
well, yeah if you were producing music
which those speakers wouldnt be great for anyway
right so youll be fine

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if you cant demo them, get the 4"
unless youre sure you dont care about low end
the 4" is 70hz rated, the 3" is 80hz rated
shrug, i dont even know if thats worth 2x the price if you dont care that much about audio quality

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and i tend to trust mackie more than m-audio
theyre tiny
get those
timecop in what universe is $150 double $99
ha, k
timecop: is this for music to sound decent, or just to have more than nothing?
im sure .jp has little music shops where you can demo them?
i dont want to tell you to get them and have you be all 'THEY HAS NO BASSES'
well, thats prob a ground loop issue, and that happens with $3000 monitors, too
soundbars are shit

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get the little mackie media things if you dont want real monitors
no, theyre not even biamps
stereo amps, internal passive crossovers
driver size
thats a similar thing
100mm drivers, prob bit more bass
ive heard the AV42, theyre decent
you wouldnt want to master an album on them, but fine for pc speakers

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Authorization Required
im too roundeye
rating at 10% THD is a joke
1% is audible
and 25W isnt very much
it means clipping the peaks of the sine, visibly
yes probably trash
it says 20-20k hz response
which is amp resonse, not acoustic response, which is bullshit for an active speaker spec

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yeah technology sucks in 2016 compared to 1986

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