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it clicks when the power turns off
maybe they mean it has a knob
so you dont have to do it with your pc

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theres probably millions of people like me
literally, millions

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i would really like to see closed cockpit and a budget cap in F1, and then way more open engine and chassis rules
so like, more variety in engineering, more competition
but big money teams wont let that happen
and WEC is already awesome, doesnt need to be fixed
i would pay money
i have to stay up until 5am to see race start
and then like 3 more hours to see race
or try and wake up at 5am
theres no legal way for me to see F1
i dont think, without cable tv
like, im a normal F1 fan, i want to be able to see practice sessions, qualifying, and the race, with buildup and post for each session
i would pay like $20 for a weekend, $10 for a race, to be able to stream it when i wake up
i cant afford it, i would still do it

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like, naming shit after sponsors is fine, as long as its not TUDOR
F1 might die
next 5 years
yeah but way less than even 5 years ago
WEC is steadily gaining in popularity
no F1 will never totally catch on in the US
scheduling is a lot of it
maybe if they chance how they do media, but thats not something one can accurately speculate about
honestly its hard to figure out WEC if youre an american
endurance in general, because diff classes, overlapping series
F1 changing lots of the formula for 2017, supposedly bernie about to get out, ferrari head now bitching that F1 needs to stream digital and be available to more people
basically if they dont get there shit together by end of next season, i thing WEC basically takes over F1s role
a lot of F1 drivers want to race in WEC now
and its kind of established the skills transfer

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still plenty of amateur club rallies, too
and they just dont have the money to get people to not stand along dozen miles of public road during a rally
champi0n: formula-e is going to have a support race with spec autonomous cars
and its basically about the algorithms
ya street racing is mad sketchy
like, being at a totally legit racing circuit isnt totally safe for spectators
most series allows fans to walk around in the paddock, so theres like, racecar vs pedestrian situations happening constantly
i almost got run over by a new race miata =\
WEC is pretty neat
want to try and go to the imsa thing at laguna seca this year, prob pretty soon
whatever the fuck they are calling that series this year
former ALMS, former TUDOR United, or whatever

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thats not true
unless they do fully automated track administration, no spectators
spectators and track workers live are more important than the race drivers
race drivers are crazy
some things like that you could maybe do
but not with spectators and track marshalls
to really do what you are saying, you would need purpose built mostly automated tracks
also i dont think the technology is there
like 10 years, most likely
but i think modeling a race drivers instincts is going to be way tougher than people think
we do rally like that
i think pikes peak still has spectators

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itll take a few years
well thats not affordable
how about a bridge over the track?!
ha, remember freejack?
thunderhill is club owned and operated, SCCA owns it
almost everything is free to spectate
well, you pay like $5 for parking

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psi_: also you have to make sure resistor is big enough to deal with current spike when car is shut down and bulk caps drain through resistor
lots of those
rab: did you see about robot car track day?
i think there will be explosions and much crunchiness
its 30min away from me!
and thunderhill has lots of hills to watch from so like, decent amount of time to run for shelter
yeah, people will die and shit will chance

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yeah you can prob get away with a 1R in front of the caps and tvs to help with spikes, noise

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er series resistor
have big giant spikes been an issue?
ha, neat

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how much bulk capacitance depends a lot on the source
and since its a car, source will prob drop out a ton, so unless you put a series resistor before the bulk capacitance, its not going to hold up the rail much
like, youre not going to keep the whole car from dropping out with 1000uF at the vreg
you have to make sure you dont pull enough current to dropout your vreg with a given series resistance, at worst case sustained source voltage sag
right in which case i dunno how much capacitance is enough
because cars
and the series resistor would still help or at least make shit more consistent
so the issue with the series cap is car voltage sags a fuck ton

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why wouldnt you put 0.1uF

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probably why sonos is pivoting away from speakers for streaming services

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10:01 < timecop> Front-facing headphone jack auto-defeats speaker output and provides tactile headphone volume control
it means it routes the audio signal through the headphone jack switches
basically, the headphone amplifier is routed through the headphone jack switches to the amplifier inputs
so when you plug headphones in, the headphone amplifier is disconnected from the speaker amplifier inputs
which is genius is functionality per unit cost sense
but is scary when you realize when the jack switches fail, the speaker amplifier has no input path
stupid joust test mule c++ homework almost done
for some reason the knight's names dont stick

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