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timecop: mootipex

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timecop: crash to stuck

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omg fo4 dropped me to desktop

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they should be fine for kicky stuff, not so much for low end synth stuff

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those and a little sub and you got something pretty respectable for a small room
yeah i mean like, for later like for tiny personal party or maybe movies

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what do you mean
well like, um
well it prob had a bar of drivers and some bullshit beam steering shit
which is basically room reverb
aka, randomly mix a random number of randomly delayed channels
anyway, theyre not great monitor speakers, but theyre monitor speakers, so yeah at the very least the soundstage should be as side as you spread them apart
did you get the 3" or 4" ones?

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these are almost okay, but i wear them into a useful chisel shape, and like that is just to extended and they break

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for the art dorks
i was curious then realized they were very very big, used a tiny tiny eraser, and the holder seemed to waste like half of the eraser inserts
if i could only have a this, then i will be happy

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free 2-day ship and i even managed to not buy anything else
there is this like, square mechanical eraser
i am still using erasers from like 10 years ago
lead rotating pencil is still rotating
tiny tiny little gear teeth, didnt thing they would last this long

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thats neat, its huge so i was worried would be more

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the manual feed still works perfect every time
shit never worked on my other printers
well hopefully they want me to buy toner carts early and it still like 2/3 full

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can i press a butan?
do you have the software for it installed?
you are prob using the lunix
yeah i reset, the little toner bar still be like [!]

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i was hoping it was some sort of small awesome toner sensor chip and not just a counter

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sculptor: shaking it up did NOTHING
it prob has a counter

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rab: broprint says toner is low
does it mean, likw, rinaow?
i guess i see if warning is persistent, if yes, i shake it up and see if warning goes away

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