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omg cold

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this is like an exceptional intercept and dogfight jet
is basically russia pissing on the F14 and F15
thats wasnt ever the goal
the F35 was made to be a compromise
its a stealth F16 + harrier hybrid
i mean, truth, its a lockheed martin scam for gov contracts
no way theyre losing money on all this
were a country that forces tanks on an army that yells they dont need them dont want them, to save a single factory worth of jobs
im like, yo your bosses cant come up with something else to sell in 2016, your company doesnt deserve to be a company, sorry

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they literally scaled the design up to fit bigger engines and more fuel
dunno thats not that bad
i dont think all the 70s sport models had TWR of over 1
smartest replacement design ever ^
right and the F16 is very little
and the mig-29 is probably the scariest dogfighter on earth
well, except for maybe what the russians have replaced it with
mig-29 should not be considered avg at all

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F-35 is a fucking waste
the only positive thing going for it was parts like 85% compatibility
supposedly that is down to like 20%
and the networked targeting system that was truly some future now combat shit doesnt work
because the F16 worked well
no you have to do it within reason
like, everything
i think weve used them in every combat situation since they were introduced, theyre cheap, and maybe the best selling fighter/attack jet ever
they also hold their own in dogfights
in fact an F16 whupped an F35 in simulated dogfights recently
F22 are too expensive, too specialized, F35 is like a multipurpose useless version of the F22
we should have bought more super hornets and thunderbolts
do you know how they designed the super hornet?

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blackmoon: well, yes probably
large parts of DC are urban low income, so not DC in general
they wouldnt notice, theyre never actually there

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guy doesnt like whales, shrug

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not serious, rest of congress would be like thats nice fuck off you dont have enough money for us too care
maybe if you hit a significant number of lobbyists

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damn yo
rab: in series with output or cap?
cool least the cap will still work

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unless crazy fat traces i would guess they add more ESR than the caps
maybe because too many?
hi science people
rab: is like mV extra ripple or like, cutting out and hitting input rail
through input transformer or something?
whats making noise tho?

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spent too much, too much
doesnt buy shit caps
i think its very very tiny for MLCC
in general
all over the board after the ldo?

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oh man i havent had stuffing in forever

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