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cant read it
years of hebrew school down the drain

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power strip breaker flipped, parts of power strip train for pc, monitor, speakers, printer
power back up, flips again, unplug printer/modem/shredder power strip, power on doesnt flip
plug printer/modem/shredder strip in again, pc is powered on, still no flipping
and no smells

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automated spear fishing!

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heh, jussie was a post off male to female transexual in cars
she keeps getting in trouble for beating up cops
thats how we know she didnt really suicide
*post op
sry, #cars

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ya, my santa fe beacon sim.

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ha, ya he messaged me too
and yeah, same hostmask

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i think its an imposter

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port had sucked up half a sock
and yeah theoretically it is AC airflow but there is turbulence involved so you get some DC flow in diff areas

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omfg subwoofer tried to eat a sock

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guys, new calyx and teebee

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