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ef5enable: yeah stop script spams please ty
i dont care about the twitch spam
greymoon: no youre right, they clipboard jacked me

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blackmoon: its a free compiler, shrug

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neat, in c i dont have to high byte then latch with low byte accessing 16b regs
was doing that before
compiler was probably like, ur dumb

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And it has been reported that security logs from Secretary Clinton’s email server do not show any evidence of foreign hacking,” the Clinton campaign spokesman added.
Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/05/clinton-email-server-hacker-222824#ixzz47k9iWZ7c
because a hacker would never think to wipe out security logs

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stk600 LEDs dancing in C
2h 10m since wtf @ upside down oingo boingo logo icon
well thats neat, i was worried the stk600 would an hero like the dragon

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how the edges holding up?
you dont have cabinet shops?
oh neat its deeper than i thought

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sculptor: thin steel, 3M sticky, match and smooth edges
damn, my next suggestion was glass
and yeah if youre doing anything above logic voltages would agree with rab, withdrawing steel suggestion
acrylic is prob fine if you were considering vinyl
or polycarbonate, both pretty hard, somewhat wear resistant
probably melamine?

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ya, zadig worked, changes the atmel driver to a generic windows one
i dunno if i should be like wtf atmel or wtf microchip
firmware updating
21:57 < Sculptor> what are you working on
probably an stm32 project
cool, have access to stk600 peripheral controls

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dropbox links are 404
trying the 2nd workaround first, linked app is gpl with source posted

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oh, looks ricey
is it actually cf?
carbon fiber
shrug, high enough impedance and its an ESD mat
heh, vp guy decided lab at one place needed to be ESD protected
guy working on the tube amps was like, yeah fuck you im not wearing a strap

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wtf is carbon adhesive foil
the shit that is installed is windrvr6
wtf... after awhile, clobber dll to reset license string

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...aaaaaaand stk600 doesnt show up in atmel studio
shows up in device manager
related atmel help is all about making it show up in device manager
nothing yet, i mostly wanted to see is this shit still worked
in a box in a static baggie for a couple years
it blinks correct when i hold program on start
does not seem bricked
links to dropbox hosted shit, no checksum

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atmel studios icon is an upside down cracked skull?

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fresh ultra-light roast coffee status: +2 lbs

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sounds like a plan
do you think the robco model is the original or the knockoff?

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sculptor: usually best to go with that initial feeling

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neat, rab started smoking weed too

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you cant just flip the cusion!?

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