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.08 ti .18 mm travel, wonder how they feel
so much rain
timecop: have any experience with those?
or similar ultra tiny tac switches

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pretty sure i didnt connect the data line on the psu so i dont think psu shutdown and told the mobo about it

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i think my mobo just detected lightning surge before psu did
went outside for mail, huge lightning bolt overhead, go inside monitor off, pc stuck at post like, power surge i noped out
yeah not sure how i feel about that, corsair psu, seasonic guts, should be fine, maybe mobo is just sensitive, fast

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maybe diff batch, diff process, seems way diff tho

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it looks like there is carbon or dirty grease on the non-carbon traces
like maybe someone tried to clean those

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oh weird that one looks totally diff

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wait yeah so that whole thing is same piece as the shaft it looks like its pretty well isolated
yeah but it also has a lot of friction area between the pot body and the plastic shaft
which is probably why grease
but it looks like it would only drip onto the edges of the board with the carbon traces if it did leak
oh bottom edge yeah
really thin

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it does it leaves like the average of the goo sitting in an even layer
and then the wiper turns that into a crumbly mess
its like when you use something to get flux off a board, but you dont let that stuff drip off
the amount ofg that stuff you need to actually rinse crud out of a pot, id just be worried that the plastic was all solvent fucked
kostix: you dont see little tracks of goo on the traces?
like where the wipers drive over them
otherwise yeah that looks dry

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so ive seen all types with an without goo on the shaft and in the conductive stuff
rab: yeah i think most the conductive plastic stuff is lubricated
kostix: so thats the other thing, its maybe they they got hot and the lubrication for the wiper leaked up the shaft
but that would prob be random and pretty obvious if you opened some

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yeah but you cant just spray normal deoxit on everything
its just a bunch of solvents
i think that might be normal deoxit
its contact cleaner
if wd-40 dissolved metal besides stripping lubricant
and honestly its prob fine if you do it every day
blackmoon: totally random
pots are designed for feel and wear life and are expensive anyway

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yeah if shithead guitar tech was filling peoples pots with that i wouldnt be so wtf about it
people asking me "why does my guitar drip now"
wasnt even anything wrong with the pots
in cases wear wear isnt an issue it might just be for feel

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faraday skull ftw

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some are cheap and 100% awesome, some are just silly bad
well if you test a bunch of them, and it turns out they are pretty reliable, its a deal
other wise im always worried
well, if it gets really hot maybe the grease leaks inside
and then if it actually does effect performance, you can try to deoxit them
i just mean like, hot day and in the sun
the glue for the pins they used seems to work well, heh
yeah that thing was neat
make new friends

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it might be there because the steel wears the plastic down without it and make it feels rubby, and gets on the carbon tracks
i wouldnt assume the grease is okay to get on the tracks
it may or may not be, but if it isnt, using a generic electronics cleaner or fader lube can make the grease get all over the carbon traces
is this just personals? or you want to use them in something youre selling
if personals whatever, if selling, test the shit out of a few
thats clearly a prototype tho, shrug
you dont know if theyre cheap because they suck of if theyre cheap because someone was broke or out of space
thats how i feel about pots
ui encoders too

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most of those ive opened up are dry
and ive seen where theys kinda of like, dissolved and moved from cleaners
i wouldnt
it might be there to make them feel smooth

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either rane or mackie recommends one of the deoxits on their site
so the problem with cheap pots is the fader lube stuff seems to make the carbon resistance traces wear away faster
but if theyre new its maybe okay
rab: pots are like, weak link even when you get good ones
but yeah only suggestion i can make is testing
like, get a little motor and do like 10k cycles and check for audible scratchiness throughout test

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