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i dont think so

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if (ch = EOF)

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theyre for electro-nervous feedback

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yeah i dunno man
either its real and i am like impressed and a little scared, or its fake and he got on bbc news, and im just impressed
mil is prob spending literal billions on making that shit worked, he figured it out because wife ran out of rice

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timecop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9p3jxC5lzY&t=1m48s
hhc ^
k i lied
you know you like it
kinda creepy too

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macegr: considering there was no blood, maybe not much worse than a leg wax

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omg https://gfycat.com/SardonicPointlessDogwoodclubgall

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its a habit, i ebb and flow
in general when i am better about lists and tracking stuff, i get way more done
i have not been good about it as of late

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i already kinda forgot how those go
or i guess where the decimal place is for the reference e96 value
right but e96 like 1.00 or e96 like 100
gut says 1.00 so probably 100
ikea is 100 miles away

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you made that led happen or thats just power?
very nice

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the ui was nice
and shit just worked
i remember getting similar functionality using eclipse but was lots of drama
been a year or two so hopefully its better, it seems like a lot of the related project were in progress, active

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this is like 100x more drama on anything arm compared to avr
and setting up clocks is same shit
i think i got eclipse working with gcc-arm and one of the pack library systems
next semester im taking a class where they use the keil compiler
hoping i get some sort of persistent license out of that

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rab: what toolchain are you using?
coffee is happening so good
what like write your own initialization and just use reg addy definitions?

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mechanical profs at school use arduino and rpi interchangably, like project manager at lastjob

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yeah thats kinda why i woke my stk600
desk chair modification is dangerous

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generic cracker

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18:24 [shoebox] Attention: we have moved #dnbradio to QuakeNet READ: http://status.dnbradio.com
guys wtf is going on is efnet dying!?
i need a jobby job
is a neat drive
youre totally gonna miss me and my moms bday

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taig beats it by 50% on the X
if i had space thats what id get next
haha, how is that not a router?
i did not hear, would be interested too
my experience with carbide 3d is its a brick
admittedly the guy who bought it and ran it previously (once?) didnt know what he was doing
but thats their target market, so...
he been on a little bit
last i saw him he was confused because i was talking about F1 nico

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i like their enclosure but itd get ruined flood cooling while cutting aluminum
so youre recommending macegr to buy a machine that will probably barely cut acrylic
and have issues routing through FR4
aluminum isnt much heavier duty
mdf masterpiece wins at envelope

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rab: rigidity digs width
that is joes friend who knows something about CNC and has advised joe to sell it immediately
how do you know thats not from before the ways and nut went to shit
this looks like nasty ass paint in all the picks, heh

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$2940, configured same dims as a taig, with less spindle motor
rab: yeah but it might have a more rigid bed just from being smaller
maxnc looks like it might flex if a dog sat on it
whats bsa
bank of saudi arabia
i bet its a thing
judging from those picks, the sherline bed looks to have almost double the profile area
and its shorter

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its aluminum on aluminum?
like anodized on anodized i mean
and the ways are the machine bed
i believe this is a decent example of where kiss falls apart
and its longer than a sherline, while looking lighter overall in build
macegr: yeah i guess in conclusion, i now <3 my taig even more
i do like the assymetric medusa harness action, tho

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people buys these things?
thats not cheap

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ive gotten perfec parts with soft backlash compensation of like .004 because too lazy to tune
it needs to be consistent if it isnt small
and this is all assuming that machine doesnt have damage
rab: or youre an actual machinist
so then how maxnc does their nut comes into play

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unless you have unlimited tooling
side load not being much is what makes backlash inconsistent
if its consistent you can soft compensate
10-20 mill off wouldnt be useful to me
20 mil off is like omfg
that means up to 40 mil off in cut parts
well maybe thats why the person is selling it
taig i can get within like within .002" or better on multiple setups
recently confirmed in aluminum
macegr: do you want a mill project, or do you want to do projects with a mill?
if you want a mill project, buy it
if you want to do projects with a mill, i would pass
unless you can see it running and it feels tight
like, if you can lean into the table with a good amount of your weight and it doesnt stall, then consider it
if you can get it to stall with a single finger pushing against the corner of a table, its pretty useless

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but i clamp relatively heavy shit to my table way tight and it seems to actually make the machine more stable in cycles
i dont think make:r shit is something to consider honestly
but wtf 1/4" screws
are they acme or what?
mine had 1/2" standard thread
20 tpi
what do you want to machine
shit is i wouldnt know to trust the machine until literally grabbing it and pulling laterally on the table to see if it feels right, after tuning
which means seeing it running
after someone who isnt an idiot has tuned it
rab: if backlash is poor and inconsistent it prob cant even pcb
if runout is a serious problem i wouldnt even look at the machine

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so does mine, that has a lot do do with machine power and the size of the tooling
as far as i know, all benchtop mills have issues with steel
macegr: itd be interesting to know what theyre comparing it with
my impression is that theyre comparable to a sherline
sounds shitty
that might just be a care issue
like they never replaced way oil

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youre running turbocnc?
never heard of it
hopefully better than turbocnc
ha nice
i dont think youre allowed to call it emc2 anymore
there was drama loooong ago over copyright shit
anyway, ive never done it with servos, and yeah for $400 i guess that isn't a ripoff
cute enclosure
and yeah i think you need a card to do servos
at least thats the typical route
shrug, ive had the taig like 10 years and its a better machine now than when i got it
it seems to be the exception

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