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like i have cait making 6 foods in the garden, have three water pumps, and 3 NPC manning my home shops
have invested in the shops so between them can get up to 3000 caps and some fusion cores every day or so

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deacon like it
high level lockpicks and hacks
oh, no i think it does
never anything missing, added
and cait lives at my home area, you knows she got sticky fingers
yeah because NPC will add items to workshop
right i made safe and lock it
raiders and shit will def loot you
higher levels they sneak in and just show up middle of the settlement
no i think maybe its scripted
but yeah raiders take the same path through the weeds by the side of the road in the front of my tirrets luke, all the time
i went to go loot a body and found like dozens of pipe weapons sitting next to him
yeah you have to make things nice or it gets worse

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yeah i should build some of those
and yeah i never leave my power armor except to trade because charisma boosts
basically i loot *everything*
like i will take everything from an entire area and put in a container near spawn and make trips
i have so much junk i can basically make whatever i want
i have to get get a full set of x-01 power armor, i have a t60 arm and t60 leg
i dont match!
also i dont sell any of the legendary (star) items, ive been buying them from vendors lately too, i put them all in a safe
and i do ~ lock 100 to the safe so no one can get in
then i pick it because master lockpick and my NPC homies all impressed
some do

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finished first fo4 main quest play through
~200 hours, level 60, like 105k caps and 275 fusion cores
so ya, fusions cores ended up not being an issue, heh
easiest fallout was easy
def liked enough to get DLC

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rab: you still have any KRK stuff?

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omg, cracked enigma machine simulator

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