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see hes dumb he should just make you work the bots for him, like me

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this is revolutionary

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I left the GOP and now I feel like the DNC is equally out to fuck me.
^ i feel most sorry for the guy who said that

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it used to be totally fucking useless, enough that i havent given it a chance since it got better
its neat for simple collaborative work
like, having two dozen people working on a spreadsheet at once was pretty goofy but it worked fine

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i think their activation shit is just slow or something
like, the initial failure isnt a complete failure, its just like, i failed for now i will try randomly later and not inform you when it works
like i specifically remember giving up, and then going back to use office later and when i opened it up its like HI I KNOW YOU
i didnt do shit but click the icon
google docs looks like maybe itll be useful in a couple years
tho thats how its felt for like 5 years now
i saw someone use their powerpoint thing today, was completely failure
wasnt complete
mobile like notebook or mobile like android?
android spreadhset is better now

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holy shit stoner brass screen wire gauge has gone way up (thinner)
it will migrate
shit just starts working before i can get pissed about what mcirosoft login im supposed to use
and then
thats kins of my experience
tho i dont remember which activate button or link was the one that actually worked
shrug, i had activate not work and then just work
after a reinstall

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fuck that id do it for 4x that min
says avg bid is $25
looks like OR
yeah fuck that if i have to drive out there to do it
fucker can ship the boards

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rab: presentation, including talking mad shit about gibson and switchcraft, went over well with professor and students

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i have a this, kinda, diff version of same model
you hold it right where the threaded telescoping threaded body tubes meet
and ive been running effectively zero ohm coils, prob maxing out the battery current
but dont care so much because the mass of the coil is so low its been the only part that heats up
but now its getting super hot at the telescoping threads, w00t

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AAA report is shady

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they dont say if the fatal crash rate actually went up tho
if its basically the same, and there are more marijuana users in the fatal crashes, pretty sure that only proves more people are using marijuana
which is like, duh

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rab: current title of presentation: Does the Factory Hate Us?
the fucked thing is im trying to come up with numbers to make this interesting...
but i think the actual numbers were worse
and thats not even in context of the sales forcast being 1/3 of *every* guitar sold at guitar center for weeks
out of all the places i worked, engineering there had their shit more together than any of the other places
but marketing was on crack, and logistics was primarily focused on maintaining kickbacks from china buddies

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efsenable: i dont understand your homework
pad with what
if you are trying to pad with zeros, what exists there now instead?

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but basically, given a $/w, knowing factory and distributor margins, cost of psu as a percentage of total amplifier cost, then determining transformer voltage from peak power and transformer power from average power based on a crest factory for a given type of music, determine how much capacitance would be required for a given load and power supply sag, turn that into a series of capacitor costs based on capacitance and voltage
determine the high profit power outputs
probably ends up being 8 hours worth of work if everything is as expected
and then presenting in 3 minutes would be tough
whatevers have to go turn in paper bbl
its funny because i will spend that much time on my oop c++ course just to procrastinate on other studying

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and i dont want to take 4 hours to prep numbers for a theoretical situation for a 3 min speech
but yeah i mostly agree with what youre saying im just drawing a blank on how to turn it from a story like 'AND THEN THEY DID THIS AND WE WERE LIKE OH NOOOO'
into "and then it cost us $3.1M
ha its funny like three of the ideas are the korea mess, i should maybe think of a speaker mess
rab: my initial plan was to size the power of retail amplifiers
then i realized it would be about as much work as designing an amplifier and then selling it

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i dont want to talk about jews
rab: yeah but im not sure how to fit a lot of those into 3 minutes
also we usually didnt have exact numbers
this is like if you asked me wtf my favorite song is
mind will just put up a nice white blank
but i figure something related to BOM cost vs retail cost vs estimated yield of a part and actual yield of a part
like, company sends you 5 samples, one is bad, you assume 20-30% failure rate
but it turns out those 5 were hand picked from 100
and factory cannot cover entire scrap cost
and keep in mind they intentionally kept a lot of numbers from us
oooo, i could include sales estimates vs actual sales
ya but this is a numbers class
also in general i dont like faking shit

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omg all the mah
i have to come up with a three minute presentation for engineering economics and analysis class on anything

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