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rab: enough to make the NTC not effective anyway

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pretty smart
the client/export editions

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why does he remember you have the source
*he need to
macegr: just do the professional thing and steal mastercam
prob a toolpath generator written in python?
well if they called it pyCAM you would have to use your pinky to type it and thats lame
haha timecop pinky types

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mine are standard threads, i would think that would make it worse but vs maxnc its apples to apples with diamater and nut type as variables
seemed wonky but shit works

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then how come so many backlash nuts have gone to shit
this seems like a common issue in #linuxcnc
ah thats true maybe nylon
no theyre usually plastic
im not ive ever heard anyone complaining about the split brass nuts in there
no i mean the sping loaded ones
ive seen that, those are just tight fitting, no?
right i think mine does better because it engages like maybe 15 threads and its more circumfrence to grab

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rab: delrin is god plastic
but yeah im very happy with my brass thing, simple as it is
it seems to perform as well as the anti-backlash nuts, and it isnt
and its servicable
right i think because higher operating temps and hardness it wears to fit instead of deforms
rab: right i think thats why delrin works well where a lot of plastics dont
rapiding back and forth sounds like a normal machining cycle, small part, high feed rate

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haha i didnt get it until i read the title
i would need a little extension block to make that work on mine (switch points sideways, mounted further back)

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theirs are supported on both ends
but when my backlash is shit i turn a set screw in brass nut like 1/4 turn and shit is fixed
and by shit i mean like ~.003

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taig screw is same pitch, 2x diameter
seeing that screw next to a finger seems unreal

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i dunno if 3in1 will stick tho
where is the maintenance part of it =\
omg tiny lead screw

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that will keep the aluminum from rusting

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macegr: did you dip your maxnc in vactra no2 yet?
only 100% more!
anyway my thing is anodized aluminum on aluminum and brass and been fine, prob help where its stickier at the ends, which prob helps keep backlash consistent

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looks long enough to smash things into the ground
image is of next victim
does that thing have a cold?

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got smelly
rab: looks like they do a monthly show?
how is techshop doing? ha, they were selling off lifetime passes last i paid attention to an email
im okay with that
so maybe bums around here
ha they allow kids around that thing?

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somewhat by definition
tho that seems to be a lot more traditional, and less about kids 3d printing yodas
avg age = 38
well if im the guy teaching that shit at $5 to 10 a head, im okay with that
AES club did a soldering workshop, they got 60w irons, use synthetic dish sponges, didnt bring water to squirt on them

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very thinky

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they hacked it with a hack saw

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find the circuit of one in an ancient book
nah rly i would prob just google it
or maybe get a bunch of multiplier datasheets and see maybe has discrete block diagram
mostly i would just be like "thing=this*that" or "mul beep,boop" and hit the go button
i totally forgot semicolon

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that sucks that sounds expensive
id still rather stay at holiday in express vs other chain shit hotel, if i have 2x the money
yes obviosly but they smell less, maybe just because newer
also none of them ive stayed at use the weird platform beds with little holes and slots between misaligned panels
anti hooker storage bed

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oh man so paranoid about those
rab: you could compress the spike
like molt it 5ft long and squish it to 6" with some heated form
what does shoes in freezer do
they like shoes
i have never actually seen one is like i have shit hotel luck
you rabd

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wait hexies are sheets or hexies are pads
oh hmm the top just looks like they are arranged not a sheet

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