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yeah thats the stuff im used to, but for sucking up solder anything tinned seems to work really well, as well as the fluxed braid stuff
bare copper shit doesnt play as nice

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shawn|c2q: yeah its great with the tiny coax cables, you strip a length same as pad, heat tinned pad, shield sucks up all the solder
usually makes a pretty fillet

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upside of not socal couch surfing for max profit is not having to worry about all my shit getting jacked
neighbors got broke into last summer, i moved some expensive stuff to buddies but still a lot of stuff here

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i guess no harm in sending a text asking him to email what his plans are, guy lost spoken agreement privs

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theres more silly details but that sums it all up pretty well
ha, yeah his message wants to know if im in town this summer

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omfg crowd funded doggy product guy calling, usually he texts then flakes
this is the guy that wanted to hire me for the summer, then had a convo about lack of cash flow in front of me, and aborted a manufacturing plan when he was like 90% there

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hopefully that gets you somewhere

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yeah hopefully theyd agree if they dont have security
if they do have security, wtf
sliding gate and one of those behind the door and window, type of lock on the door doesnt matter
macegr: does place have gates/cams/guards?

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still worth stuff, either money, parts, research or entertainment
but sounds like maybe they know something macegr said was two bums
ok sounds like prob not too hard to get another one
bars across the glass door prob helps, or a gate across the entire front interior

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macegr: fucked, did you pay for the whole kit or was aquired?
those things arent cheap
doesnt look like the yamaha part is worth a ton
macegr: gl getting shit back or at least getting the two fucks
omg dont call synth gear junk!
also the module alone might be worth few hundred
well, assuming for reverse engineer, not necessarily
i reversed a lot of shit and had to put it back together so we could test
im assuming macegr is at least as good at this shit
yeah because he has infiniti time

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reminds me should reg my bike with the po-po
tho it seems like bike parts are a monetary unit for local bums, wonder how many stolen bikes actually make it to pawn shops
i guess at least i get the frame back if found in cop bust

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and looks like they left a fat bike so maybe just one random junkie

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~08:05 < timecop> tekrad hopefully killed himself
08:05 < timecop> that fkin nigger
timecop: have you met tekrad? you have a super broad definition of nigger
macegr: omg shitty
what drum module?
sounds like random junkies

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