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wait youre not #cars

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HAHAHAHA and nuclear physics
this ones gold, tc
movin on up

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jazzy liquid stuff maybe not as bad for that

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fuck i need drum n bass
not like at home drum n bass, like shady venue drum n bass

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contrast looks better than normal gb
oh, yeah second display is weird

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is that how normal gameboy did grey?
looks good
i thought it just had like, a single dim pixel
yeah, i kind of think it looks better
doesnt have that weird washed out dying pixel look
cool, i wasnt sure if you were using 1/4 pixel blocks too
wow that actually looks way better at a distance and in motion

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heh it reminds of 80s portable games

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ha neat UI

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maybe, im pretty broke right now tho
see what things look like in a couple weeks, still 19 days left

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specs are better than my laptop which does ms office fine

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put in vehicle for lateral g + roll/pitch angle sex

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has anyone here figured out how this is a scam yet?
looks usable

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