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blackmoon: website back, new round of pre-orders coming soon!
called that
hopefully his art project works out

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shrug, few floating pours

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i wouldnt do anything for him for less than 50%
and right he never texted back and never emailed so its a non issue
"My retirement plan is to just die."

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yeah boob missiles are weird
they seem to come from nowhere but there is a limited amount because she runs out and in some episodes has holes where the boobs should me
blackmoon: so it seems like dudes response to me texting to email about his summer plans was to put his product website under construction with a countdown
timer hit zero couple nights ago, still under construction

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why is this the only video of this on youtubes?
i thought tranzor breast missiles would be all over the place

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sculptor: also besides derating slower i would be curious if they derate as much

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no thats like having a refridgerator with an arduino

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blackmoon: i mean, consider his likely technicial illiteracy, i was a bit imporessed by the explanation

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yeah his extended explanation is awesome
get the impression that he was trying to search all the porn in the world for hypothetical politician targeting malware that has no evidense of existing

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