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some reviews saying two full sizes big
thats a lot!
bbl, exam
theyre not heavy they have nylon uppers

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c++ final in 25min
i only got 99% on midterm because i forgot to pencil in a semicolon

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shrug, shit works
its an order of magnitude less money

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yeah some of your stuff is pretty complex so i can see eagle doing the redraw for 3 to 30 seconds thing to you
right but you learn quick keys and shit goes faster
have you ever used autocad?
well its like, dos old, so it basically console cad with graphical ui shortcuts
eagle is the same
like, when i was using it daily, you just learn to type shit into the console a lot
like, you type ref des and what function, mouse grabs the thing and you click it where you want to go
but right you typically arent going to use it like that if you arent using it awhile and often, especially while using tons of other CAD apps
like, its hard to defend eagles UI, but when you see it as console CAD it at least makes sense
with the exception of linux trash, almost everything else seems to have a better UI

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kevtris: yeah i think your issue might have been you had already acclimated to an eccentric UI
like, draftsman at least has the excuse of being ancient
but right i dont think eagle was going to do anything for you that draftsman didnt already do
where as altium has a pretty sane UI and does more
also imo eagle is worse since the made the UI more standard
because they kept the old UI methods in parallel
like, you have to ctrl key shit to get to old usage, so to me its kinda of more on crack now
because its like, hybrid eagle/windows ui
you used v4 or v5?
i think they had already started the standard windows UI stuff when you used it
yeah it was right around the end of 4 or start of 5, i think when you were using it
but right it was hard to learn but consistent with itself
now its just, weird

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yeah eagle has a learning curve

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seen that for like, 7 segs and logic gates
well i just try and go for when it has 'the look'
like, all your nets done, your DRC passes, after that you can sit there are tweak forever on stuff with a lot of traces
but i mean at some point you kinda gotta let go, heh
noisia said that about their music
theyve never really felt like a track is finished
shrug, nothing wrong with that
can try shit without having to worry about it biting you back so hard

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heh, funny ive only adjusted other peoples shit using altium, but i feel like ive seen that style schematic prob 500 times
looks like theres a local army navy, has jungle boots on their site, but theyre prob reg $20 soft toe ones
naw i seen both, a lot of the china schematics ive seen are altium, and few places ive worked used it
like you shit looks completely normal
oh neat their boots are same as steel toe brand so maybe they have or can at least order in a few sizes
or i guess i can just try the reg boots for size and then order the amazon ones if local place doesnt have them
jero32: yeah again, seen it both ways
some china schematics are just silly
or you will see a really pretty schematic that turns into a total complete shit pcb layout

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rab: http://www.amazon.com/Rothco-Steel-Toe-Jungle-Boot/dp/B018MUVSBE
i think i try and find something like that, try and find some reviews and similar stuff first
fuck everyone says they run big

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rab: neat thanks for tip
i wish they made actual jungle boots with steel toes, those are the only boots ive worn that i liked
rab: because larger "name" companies can afford the QA and have the leverage to actually negotiate prices with the factory
im not saying they will, but larger companies can get decent shit built there if they want to
smaller companies often cant even afford to babysit the line

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so like, you die and you diffuse into the universe and you decompose, other particles show up because chem reactions from decomposition and processing from burial
and then the rebuilding itself, so even if same structure regenerated, maybe the conciousness part all diff and noticable change in decision making and interpretations
somehow this loops around again to my rocks and cars are people too worldview, heh
there was a movie in the 80s where guy gets some sort of serial killer cadaver arm after amputation, or something
but arm is evil
so it does bad things, and then rest of the movie happens, dont remember
all kind of reminds me of that

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and yeah, i think letting go of a good programmer because he sucks at people is usually a dumb move
blackmoon: so yeah i think this is something to be researched because we know absolutely zero about conciousness
and if they can kickstart someone from absolute death and theyre still them, its an argument that maybe conciousness has to do with brain structure or specific to particles present
in which case i think it becomes hard to argue against any system having some sort of conciousness
blackmoon: yes i think it would take thousands of zombies and decades to really prove that out

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then why cant he manage the job with some medium skill funkies to help him
hire some interns
well make a plan to tell the bank, they seem to like that kind of shit
i think experienced programmer plus like, interns or contracting students after they pass a skills test is maybe good plan
maybe depends on your programming dudes social skills, but bank dont know that
shrug, mature people are expensive and sometimes if you have lots they generate 100 good ideas and never agree on one

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also staffing company calling 8:20 day after interview with random job, front desk girl like [CUTIE RUSSIAN GIRL] SAYS TRY THIS GUY! TRY THIS GUY! so i guess we are frens and wasnt complete waste of my time
for some factory job looks neat, i has to go buy boots and get earrings removed =\
well throw it back at him with a max billable hours and some 50% paid until delivery shit
i have no doubts moon could learn that shit hella quick anyway if he doesnt already know whats needed
and youre saving like $120/hr!

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blackmoon: right no delivery notices that i can see
and with this guy, hed be doing vines of putting the shit in the box, dropping it off at shipping place, swiping the payment card
i remember him saying he wanted to charge $100 for a cast soda can aluminum version of the thing, hes presold thousands of plastic ones at $20
and he was talking about making people buy up or cash out
so my guess is his plan is posting a pic of some finished soda metal thing, and using the pre-orders to pay back original customers who tell him to f off

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