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looks fun

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it takes them three tries

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timecop: there are already copycat channels
timecop: you have to watch them defeat the rubber band ball

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isolation prob makes for a nicer environment for the wireless circuits if youre not ground looping to the plc somehow

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sculptor: are they sharing a ground?
like, do you want actual isolation or are you just worried about overvolting the mcu or noise from whatever the plc is doing
if you dont need isolation, resistive dividers might work, with protection diodes to the mcu rail, or you can isolate with some signal transistors, PLC driving bases and collector on a pullup

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what like they just put 'notion' for the inventory label of everything except fabric?
sounds like a great way to launder money

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but right it would have to be a design that had a lot of busses for it to make sense
and you would have to start using busses at the beginning
or its a time sink
wow eagle actually does something more useful than altium
blackmoon: in eagle the bus stores the net names, and you click or whatever and they pop up so you can select with net to draw
it doesnt do anything electrically but it can make some things go a bit faster
yeah exactly
its a readability and drawing thing, its not an electrical thing
the connections are done with net names

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or at least parallel nets
really connecting by net name only makes a lot of sense for off page connects or PSU and grounds
even then, better to use PSU and ground symbols for termination, and short nets with the name at the end
i dunno google kevtris schematic
thats you? thats the first non hand drawn one
thats eagle
it can be faster, in eagle you click on buss and it presents you with connect traces to select

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yeah i liked it better with the bus lines and nets
dx used to do stub schematics when he figured out you could just name nets to connect
was annoying as fuck
why not just write a netlist and import
jero32: so there no way to indicate how many diff connections like that
short of doing a search
you dont know if a net is just connected to the other named net
which you may have to read every net to find, or if its connected to multiple pins on that page or the next
so basically its almost useless for reference
unless you read every pin every time
you dont always

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depriving children of electrcity leads to being a dr or lawyer?
no comprende
yeah making children technically illiterate, more ignorant, and less capable of quickly finding information is clearly the key to success

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fuck man how did it go from like 99F to 69F
this place needs an ocean
neat, kitteh

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free transportation? what she doesnt put out or even hang out at all?
if youre digging through cell phones shit is doomed anyway
haha, an exgf made some comment about seeing shit in my phone and was surprised i went off over it
her defense was i could look at her phone and i told her i dont give a shit about what shes already deleted from her phone
scariest thing about her was how easily she would trust random people, which is basically exact opposite of me

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sad, local place does not have steel toe version jungle or tactical boots
but they invited me to try them on so i can buy steel toe version online before i even asked

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heh, pencil and paper c++ is goofy, also the 'hard' part of the exam was just shit with pointers

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and for zippers i could try those side zip tactical boots, they have canvas uppers so maybe i like them
normal boots i always feel like im about to roll my ankle *inside* the rigid boot upper on uneven surfaces, jungle boots felt more like my sneakers
and the jobs this may be for looks like mostly loading and unloading machines, moving product around between departments, so my guess is they dont even have chairs on the floors to sit down, also what it looked like in the vids

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rab: i used to hike around in jungle boots, i like the softer soles and the flexiblity
also the zipper laces looked neat but reviews lead me to believe theyre pretty shitty
these particular ones
biggest argument against jungle boots is they dont last so long because the softer soles but if im using them that much they should be paid for and then some

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