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timecop: openstm32.org system workbench (eclipse) worked pretty quick
got code on the discovery in a few hours, if their site wasnt aol dialup status would have been done couple hours ago

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soft sole seems like kind of a benefit too, tho, they stick to rocks like sneakers
new balance sneakers are comfy but i bought their popular model (5-soemthing-something) and both shoes ripped right around toe guard, same place, within a week, after one month
seemed like design problem, was pissed, should have tried to get them replaced
those were kinda of 80s style tho, they have least two lighter 70s style ones i want to try
oddly, my saucony's seem to last longest and theyre made in china and cheapest sneaker at zappos

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rab: boot suggestions before i buy steel toe jungle boot?
tried with double socks, reg width, one size smaller, they were pretty comfy
right but you said they werent available anymore =\ else i would have maybe just got those
these are $40 shipped
yeah i have to ask staffing place they mentioned they could help get boots
looks like red wing has least one local distributor
well, jungle boots are cheap and i already know theyre comfy
only drawback is relatively soft sole, wears quick and can mark up hard floors

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