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timecop: 600 miles away

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can prob just shove your cam phone up there at that point

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omg ew

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when the non-capped teams complain, you simply note that they are free to run under the budget cap and use the favorable formula
and theyll do it to win
really you only have to convince ferrari

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supposedly its to keep costs down, but thats bullshit because developing an engine that reliable takes a fuck ton of R&D
the only way to keep costs down for real would be a budget cap, but the teams have too much power in decision making and will never approve of it
also next year they are increasing the max fuel flow rate 5%, and the engines will probably be a bit more efficient by then
i support max mosleys idea, even if he is a nazi prostitute fucker
he says that ther should basically run two formulas, but to use the more favorable formula you have to run under a budget cap, voluntarily
eventually, the ones running under the cap will win, by design through changing of the beneficial formula

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ICE is internal combustion engine, TC is turbocharger, MGU-H is heat based magnetic recovery unit (turbo spindle generator)
its early and they been doing this couple years now
mgu-k is a kinetic based system they use while slowing down
they modulate the rear brakes so the mgu-k and rear disks split rear braking duty

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right, theyre direct injection and this year teams are moving to pressure ignition systems
in variable boost turbo systems with recovery generators on the turbo
its not like 15 years ago
the dont run seperate engines for practice, qualy and race
then rebuild or replace
they have 5 complete engines, seperated into components, after that they take grid penalties
for exmple, last years drivers champion hamilton has used 4 internal combustion engines

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vrooom: not sure about turpentine
as far as i know one of the only consistent rules in F1 is running on gasoline, similar to consumer fuel
right but it was at most an additive to gasoline
but yeah, they were making 1500hp out of turbo inline 4s
the modern engines would probably blow them away if the fuel usage rate wasnt regulated
they only rev to about 12krpm now, something like that
at the end of the v10/v8 era they were up to like 18krpm
engines screamed, was beautiful
in gasoline
blackmoon: its probably race fuel, so above 100 octane
also i think theyre doing pressure ignition this year
they lasted whole races

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kids are thumpier than cats

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sculptor: im confused because thats what i thought everyone was laughing at

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rab: at least theyre not using one per relay
to them, they saved $2

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well, it would work

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yeah thats pretty much how this works, the discovery library just works to init the button and four leds
thats what i doing last year
opencm3 docs are nice, if anything i would stop using the openstm32 shit because their online docs were just not available 2/3 of yesterday because site wasnt loading

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their shit uses stdperiph library, thats all i really care about
i dropped in the st library for the f4 discovery and leds and buttons worked like normal
and compared to the other ST recommended options, this one seems by far the least commercial and the least gimped
everything else wants a few thousand for basic ungimped functionality

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yeah its annoying but no diff than atmel studio or lots of other semicorps
shit was free and just worked and didnt give a shit when i put bullshit info into the reg form
so compared to the drama it took to get gnu arm eclipse shit working last year, im pretty happy
rab: i recall LTspice being the same way as well
that might have a teeny tiny skip link, tho

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