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omg raining at bday gp

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my story is about i showed my baggie of weed to the cops after telling them i wasnt really high anymore, but they let me go because nice neighborhood, white girl in the passenger seat
we we suspicious because we were parked in the park n ride for local bus
no one uses that shit

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yeah but there was a sign on the fence of the nuclear installation said go away, so hes a criminal
im not really disagreeing with you, im just saying tech congress and tech court arent a thing, and no way a hacker gonna win in court

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so one analogy is you break into someones business to show them how their house can be broken into and expect a reward
its probably not going to happen
making arguments about how its a shared resource and you are just protecting the common good and promoting security will just go over as some commie shit

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perfect when you need to build 3, suicide when you need to built 100

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