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rab: svh was the guy called me a pinko statist?
if yes, he tried to get political with dx and didnt like the response and left forever
i mean maybe hes been back, but thats the last ive seen of him
i thought he was a migrant
tho i dont know where he lived before the south bay so i guess he could be from there
south tx was pretty to drive through

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nu uh!
thats neat
tho given the big speaker pointing at the cam not sure i believe

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oh i have maybe seen that guy at a maker fair
unless there other guys doing tesla coils with mythbuster in a cage
this was few years ago
like, how much of the sound is the tesla coils?

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thats like a kitten with shotguns

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rab: isolation amps are weird
also sometimes comically long
whatever is on the tesla side of that is hardcore

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and it cant complicate things too much because almost every mixed PCBA ive worked on has had parts on both sides
application specific, so as long as you make the grounding scheme clear to end user i dont see it being an issue

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smd on one side with TH on whatever side is usually fine
i think they use glue and dont care so much if youll pay for the extra time
this has actually fucked me removing magnetics i just assumed were soaking heat, were actually glued with some crazy high temp shit

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built in debounce is neat

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