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ha there is a section of thatr onboard vid where they are in the mountains with the sun behind them
you can see sidecar dude crawling all over the bike

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yeah, bar stock machine center
ive seen ones with big bar hoppers to just continuously feed like 20 ft bars into the machine
the cool ones have a second vise that will grab the part from the collet so it can machine the bottom

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neat, k watch sidecar lap of isle of man tt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMmobCj5_0I
heh, fuckhead i cant afford ucla
and never lived in west la
im 600 miles away
thats even farther from the valley
my moms lived in east LA tho

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if 2FA got hacked, thats a lot of mercenary IT techs

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wait if they werent hacked what are they claiming?
hijacked by an employee?
some mercenary IT tech?

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It is estimated that up to one in every ten lower market restaurant meals consumed in China is prepared with gutter oil

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just have to thread the end
i think the bridgeports i worked on were like that?
after couple turns theyd kind of back into something, and sometimes you could pop loose the collet like that
but dead blow tap was faster, consistent, so i guess they are made with a lot of play
wtf is coolant oil infection
and normally i used a rag for that
blackmoon: yeah but it prob doesnt grow in the bottle, right?
i dont reuse coolant
what about coconut oil?
its kind of like bacon fat

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haha, thats kinda cool
grind flat, then vise grips + dead blow
(dont do that)
damn $80
but you couldnt smach from top anymore?
that seems like a great way to get itself damaged =\
just looks like turned down threaded rod

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the only place i liked for endmills on ebay is gone
that place totally felt like factory back door shit

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have a camera that senses your face and then adjusts based on eye blinks

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i dont think that was a pun
isle of man has no army?
looks like they have one now, but not since 1968 before recently, but why does isle of man need an army the only threat they face is crashing tt bikes
and they <3 the tt races

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but like, they have arms because thats how you steer the motorcycles
y u say isla of man has no arms

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ha neat, staffing company has two days of demo work, but its 3 hours away and i get paid travel time
soic or qfp mcu prob fit fine
eh, you can just get those magnification goggle things
stereoscope is neat but i wouldnt call it necessary
i prefer living in a house, but hey thems the breaks

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i think you should make it as big as you want as long as it doesnt crash into the back of your hand
because then you wont wear it
yeah powerglove gauntlet type shit would be the extreme case
you assume movements last more than say 100ms, and hope you can initialize and read from the thing in significantly less time than that
which doesnt seem trivial but doesnt seem impossible
i like that it has a lot of butans

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at 5cm unless its offset, its going to crash into the back of your hand
the only ref from that i remember is about being so inconsipicuous so as to appear conspicuus
oh and some joke about the lesbian tennis champion not being a woman
its not horrible
if you liked real genius its prob worth watching
if youre only going to watch one 80s val kilmer movie, and you havent seen it, you should see real genius

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maybe i should sell the tc and get another volvo
i would go to a mall with calipers and hit all the department stores and boutiques

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and yeah most likely what rab says
where is it tho
oh on the plastic flap, nm
blackmoon: because a red sticker that says OK is so 90s
which is awesome, because ive worked at places that dont do shit like that
and basically all our info about firmware and pcb revs in finished product comes from interrogating the operations manager
and i was pretty fuckin impressed by how much this guy could remember about shit he really has no understanding of (admittedly)

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just looks like random east euro word to me, pretty good for a project name
i think he should use that
those look a lot friendlier than normal swastikas
thats probably a good idea
timecop mostly uses doge heads
everybody uses dickbutt tho
ferrari used dickbutt

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rab: i dunno about the names, but yeah there are some that spread when you put a screw
kind of like how new heatsink mounts work for cpu
well, more permanent than the cpu mounting pins, i guess
ha, neat

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pem nuts?
its a brand name but thats all ive ever seen them called
yeah my ac has no manual controls
i should maybe try and reverse the signals in case the remote breaks
is that some sort of IR remote format?

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heh that actually makes a lot of sense
that sucks

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ive seen every type of screw head strip out, im just surprised because i feel like torx were the ones that stripped much less
heat inserted brass threaded inserts are neat
rab: how deep is it?
yeah would totally consider brass inserts if it keeps being a problem

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kinda related, i clean a slab of 1" acrylic with denatured alc, crazed a bunch
heat gun fixed
at least optically
im prett sure ive stripped more torx bits than screws
the little stuff
the only exception i can think off is plain steel torx screws, in like T7 or something dumb, with loctite
yeah im just noting the only time ive managed to strip out torx
i didnt pick the hardware
in fact there are emails where i prob lost career points pushing for stainless steel screws

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rab: really? vs phillips?
we liked torx for shit specifically because they didnt strip out, with the exception of very small, very china steel screws
and even those did better in torx than phillips from the same source
yeah thats annoying
also most of the time i can work a stripped torz with a hex key or a flat screwdriver
ya totally where are these torx screws from?
oh wait you mean phillips i think
thats was my cutting fluid for acrylic before i was using water soluble oil
even worse than plain steel china torx
rab: it crazes or what?

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are you doing app specific firmware, or trying to do something that can intepret user code like a PLC?
thats sound spretty sane
well, ladder or some sort of less fucked up block diagram based system
i was forced to use it and it sucked! the instructors would pretty much throw up their hands like I DUNNO KEEP TRYING JUST DO IT LIKE IF IT WERE REAL SWITCHES AND RELAYS
bitches, if this were real switches and relays i would use a single resistor and cap and be done with this 4 hours ago
and my bike would not be stolen
fuck ladder logic
i really liked that bike
no i dont think so =(

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ive done that to make sure button heads dont hit anything

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top right mounting hole, pour edge isnt at 45deg
not that it matters but it looks like you were going for consistency in that context
looks like you dont have any floatinf pours either, neat

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ha, i was worried about not passing electronics class because final was so WTF
got an A-, cant imagine how fucked everyone elses finals looked like

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ha shortest interview ever, "well whats your availability when the semester starts? yeah that wont work"
i would probably do better pretending i have zero skills and not mentioning school

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maybe hes just busy
maybe he doesn want to waste time on IRC anymore

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