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i think you can use midiox to route that, but its not exactly small

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im not sure if im more or less afraid of porsche torsion tubes now
because you can control the change in camber during turns with a arms
and yeah packaging on torsions springs is a tiny bit better
not a ton because you still need dampers
and yeah pretty sure porsches have been coil over setups for awhile

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i thought some of them had a coiled spring inside
oh crazy the porsche torsion bars are just long 1" bars in 3" tubes
when someone explained there was a spring inside there i assumed there was some sort of actual spring
i didnt realize spring was literally just the baqr, and i guess the outer tube it to keep it from exploding on everything
yeah weird i had only seen them as the complete bar assembly
yeah tube keeps everything on the subframe

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compression and rebound, slow and fast movements
my brain kind of nopes out at a lot of those diagrams
its like automatic transmissions
torsion bars are weird
like, trailing arms are goofy simple
and panhard rods seem like a ridiculous hack
oh, yeah thats how they do solid rear axle sway bars
on front wheel drive cars
thats neat, a lot of time anto-roll bars are just steel bars that connect the arms on both sides
and theyre made to flex so their thickness is basically anti-roll strength
oh, but like without a scroll spring, not like an assembly

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soft suspension is not a good thing
its just not
this is specifically a good thing about my car
its why a volvo will always be better than a mercedes
eh, no dampers and the car wobbles forever
uh yeah
dude pro tip, thats how you check you shocks
you push down on the corner of the car, and if it doesnt just return to level your shocks are fucked
if it bounces at all, then you shocks are blown, or your shit is sprung like for grandma
and thats normal
its because the springs dont have enough time to actually move the mass of the car
so your dampers eat it all
bight then you maybe bumpstop
and they can make dampers behave however they want

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most of it seems simple enough to use, but finding the actual code and defines that mattered was pretty wtf at first
alot of the files is like, 500 lines to make the shit work with everything ever, 30 lines of code
fuckin alcoholics, put bunch of bottles in my hatch, i guess in same bag nothing seperating
10-15 minutes ride turns into 2+ hours and now bunch of vodka and glass to clean up

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yeah i saw that in the cmsis lib docs, all the assembly stuff had corresponding c function
do you still use stdperiph?
its pretty sill how simple it is when people strip out the compatibility and 3 layers of defines
most setup is pretty close to 'puts the bits in the register'
right once i figured out what they were doing with the peripheral reg structures shit made sense, its not that abstracted
so the stdperiph stuff is how i figured out the cmsis stuff

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timecop: are you multiplexing the shafts?
something about them being long cylinders makes the strobing when you turn you head fast worse
wasnt as bad with the clear top knobs on them
shrug, same diff i think they make both
and definitely sure the ones i played with were encoders
whatever its a pot shaped encoder

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taiwan alpha i think
pretty sure the thing im remembering was built with both, diff revs

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ha those clear shaft pots, flashbacks

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blackmoon: i think it has to do with thin translucent layers of shit and light refraction
like oil slicks
basically shit i dont get

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omfg again
try /mode #electronics +l 100
or something, maybe if they see you do something thyeyll stop

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