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why code it when the user will just try again

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my insurance is less than 1/4 of that

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new car just dont break

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ya old cars are old

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and if its a worn keyring, timing might be variable and random compared to what its supposed to be
like, if you come off throttle key maybe shifts to the other side of the keyway
blackmoon: ha, yeah helical gears are weird
i think it would just be able the mass of the distributor parts
that looks like about half a tooth
prob something deflected

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but 27-28 teeth sounds about right for the end of a dstributor shaft
thats how i got the number
which might still make sen in context of what champion is saying, shrug
could be opposite tho, to much thinking

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if timing is not adjustable, im guessing thats because its handled in software somehow
see what it says at not idle
that post said shit doesnt matter below 1000rpm
so the fix is maybe new distributor assembly
yeah but hes a mechanic so is a liar by default
ask the mechanics in cars
i would research it, it might be another problem
which makes sense to me
maybe its off a tooth
maybe someone put it together wrong

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it doesnt have vacuum or electronic advance?
oh maybe not same engine, but yeah it seems to be variable
shrug, ask in #cars for a couple days

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will it blend

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