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asymmetric and no highs

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theyre enough opamp for comparatoring

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like less gain, or less bandwidth, maybe only sink or only source
some rail to rail single supply stuff, comparator wins

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im not sure what he means
opamp is hi-z diff input, hi-gain stage, lo-z push-pull output stage
shit goes back to tubes, and i think the topology was mostly the same
with ic, i think a lot of it has to do with, how do we make this with transistors instead of resistors so it works with a range of input voltages and operating temperatures
so lots of current mirrors and current sinks/sources where in some application specific amplifiers, with fixed voltage rails, might just be a resistor
comparators are like, shitty opamps with less features

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nice, practice 1 already torrented

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nice i havent seen that one
yeah theyre tethered
since the marshall died in australia gp like 15 years ago, hit by tire

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they race the cars for 24 hours
i dont understand how you dont know how awesome this is
we didnt get the rain
we got the bottom edge we got rain for like 2 hours

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timecop: how are you gonna watch le mans with shit net
i think the ford gt gonna kick ferrari ass unless all four of the splode

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