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blackmoon: it has a cap
maybe it doesnt have mem, maybe it just stays powered up for awhile
i never checked to see if it resets after awhile
which would make it less annoying actually
right but this cant work like that theres no battery
maybe when you power it on it fills a cap, and
wait no
but then how does it know
unless the sink pin is also a vin pin
its an asic so who knows
but this is a sot23
shit is so bright
at 20ft you can focus it into like an 18" x 18" box
and you can make out the individual emitters, and the bonding wires solder joints

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it does on, two levels of pwm, strobe, and SOS flash
so prob a timer, and tiny bit stream for sos timing
blackmoon: oh, yeah i guess so

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so the 5 modes on this cree 18650 flashlight are done by some sot23-3 chip
like, i guess it just goes into a diff switch mode every power up, i think it just sinks the led through parallel 0603 resistors
so i shorted that shit out because fuck modes wtf
k i try and pull some smoke brb
aaaaw jeeeah, single wtf-bright mode achieved

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blackmoon: k i got deadpool in 1080

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booping them on the nose means IM TEH BOSS CAT

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omg so mean
thats not physics so much as material science

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ive read the books
i know who he is

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or beaches
dont you have to get in front of it to do that?

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because you can fold the papertowels into little tools to get into corners and holes
wtf is prison architect
this is like, simcity where the people are trying to escape and kill everything?
what happens if you do a nice prison
like, every cell gets a bathroom and kitchen
i would make them apartments and give them a beach
give them beaches on all sides
lame how will you stop the tunnels without beaches and sharks
no zambonis

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o, well yeah they can prob afford it
only the best grass fed organic plastics yo
jero32: its a place to watch bigs and rats
prob ipa based
yeah all that old wood finish shit will thin with ipa
rab: windex!
its what i use on old plastic stuff im afraid iso will eat
like, dusty atari, nes or genesis, windex and papertowels

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that with a rag or qtips is pretty neat
anyway the label ones are nice because you can have squirt bottles for water, acetone and alcohol on the same bench and not mix them up
rab: those leak from themselves
jero32: windex
rab: those have the square nozzle with circular mating surface?
like with thin stuff, and prob because cheap bottle shrug
it doesnt matter so much because it just leaks to the outside of the nozzle and drips into same place
i like the conical bottle with snap on tips
for that type of stuff
o, also vape dorks have cool needle bottles

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i cant find 99% in this city
all 70% bullshit
get a squirt bottle
rab: the push down pump ones?
jero32: squirt nozzle bottle plus q-tips and horsehair brushes is how i usually do it

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blackmoon: not a team ive ever heard of
oh its nascar
story not surprising

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wait no thats not true, my eee keyboard is fucked because one of the rubber bumps broke off the carbon switch mat
but thats like a $2 computer

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