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omg happy car so happy

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well, post pic or link and i check when i get back
ha, how to check the check the credibility of your china wrenches
i came inside because hot, its prob like 5F hotter outside now

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fuckin landscapers, ate them all up
okay car is probably done dripping bbl
thanks! hard stuff all done tho
the, 'omg breaker bar or 3/8" drive plus adapter dont fit' was todays wtf
i could fit my mill in my 740 sedan
the column rotates parallel to y axis, so you loosen big nut and lay column down, throw folding table its mounted to in trunk
was a bit comical
i dont know, but it prob wouldnt fit either =(

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rab: do you still have same 240?
right, neat
not so many around here, kinda sad
yeah i remember when you got replacement for the smashed one
i think was a little after i blew head gasket on mine
yeah im going to need new tires by end of year, pretty sure
yeah i bet
almost a truck bed
actually since most trucks now are basically minivans with short beds, yeah basically modern truck bed
saw mid 90s tacoma on the freeway yesterday, kinda really want

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breaker bar head cannot exist in same slice of universe as front suspension subframe
just toyota owner things
but thats cool because ive been neglecting bike and now i have a 1/2" drive china ratchet
transmission drain plug
i kind of should have done this like 15k miles ago =\
but the redline transmission fluid coming out pretty clean so maybe not big deal
this im sampling amsoil's blend of friction modifiers

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