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that looks tasty
i like no oil/butter air popped stuff tho
except how it gets all over my place
corn nuts are like, too homogenous
there is no more puffy part

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those little split kernels with a bit off puffy at the seam are the best
less power, more time
omg its half popped corn
they stole my idea
rab: maybe they laser small hole in kernel to control the explosion type and size
or possible they slightly smash them
or possible they are the size filtered rejects of some other corn popping process
oh so like pressure diff is reduced
its prob hard to get everything even without using a fuck ton of butter or oil that way

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blackmoon: no i make it in an air popper
no butter
yeah its not conducting
2mm apart on a broken off chunk of puff the size of maybe 3 unpopped kernels
hot air works really well tho
ya even when i squish it, meter is over range
seems like a hopper project to me
the lasers part doesnt even seem so hard
technology to half-pop kernels would be awesome

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i wonder if you can charge popcorn

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