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his margin is probably similar for diff products, so if he sells you something more expensive he makes more money
i dont think hes ripping you off, hes maybe selling you something better than you really need

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without clicking the link... it says ziess.com, so youre not exactly getting ripped off

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thats kind of a lot

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i should just sleep more instead

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im hungry
urmom got it from the manufacturer
also hi
my mom said that urmom got it from the manufacturer?
or my mom said also hi
neat tell her sorry i dont call enough
i need to change my oil and do my laundry

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other pole happens
thats gonna be a funky looking magnetizer core

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lookup tables are always the answer
thats good
neat sensor

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like signed XYZ?
you want like a pair of angles instead?

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^ is usually techy, glitchy drum n bass and breaks
also is hosted, they talk about the tracks its not just a 60min nonstop mix
also question time!

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fuckin neighbor
went from screaming about autistic fagits to lullaby style singing

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