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xylene, xylitol, same diff

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which can lower the spectrum of frequencies that the signal readiates, possibly making the signal more prone to interfering with audio circuits
its maybe worth it if your external supply for the dac is much better
because isolation doesnt eliminate the i2s noise
but it can eliminate source psu and ground noise
so unless your supply and grounding is better not much benefit
anyway bbl

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you have to anyway, im just saying you dont eliminate the digital and analog ground connection
yeah, that you syill have to be aware of your grounding and signals on the isolated side
really my big ? is where is the dac power coming from, and where is that ground to be grounded
yes, most likely
thats fine
but you cant really isolate that supply
youre basically isolating the digital source supply and ground, and trading it for another
youre still going to have the i2s lines as a possible interference source
note that i2s is in the MHz range, out of audio bandwidth, but optos might have the effect of the smoothing the transistions in the signal a bit

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what do you mean by isolating
like, physically spacing them apart so they dont interfere with each other?
keeping grounds seperated and unlooped, or do you mean like actually isolating electronically with optos or coils
well, i mean as long as you maintain timing specs i dont see why it would be a problem, could solve some problems
its not bidirectional or anything complicated like that
the thing is, you would have to ground the digital side of your dac to something
and if isolated, you would have to connect to audio ground

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jero32: 4 cops dead, 11 dead, theyre going to go judge dread
and sure they could rush in with 5 guys, but maybe they dont want another one of their homies to die
the two cops in the morning, various levels of douchebags, in those cases i agree with you totally
but this guy wanted to kill cops, he accomplished it, and cops killed him
pretty open and shut
yeah if we could have a robot go in and beat him up i guess maybe that would be better
but then mfkrs complain they were torturing him

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yeah but its how it would work
look if you pull a gun on a cop with the clear intent to use it, cops gonna kill you
thats real life
he did that

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so its a political human construct that isnt helping anything
if good guys are in that situation, then the gov has gone upside down
and they should expect nothing less from their opposition
they should expect that the government will not act in the interest of people in general
in either case, people in that situation gonna get killed
so if a person had the ability to kill all the cops
you think he should be allowed to kill all the cops
instead of the cops just killing him

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unless the guy gets away
or kills more cops
look i fuckin hate cops
but that dont change that the guy kind of put himself in a justified to be legally killed by cops situation
so in real life, you pull a gun and dont kill your target with it you should full expect to get shot
actually no i dont think that actually makes sense in practicality
really the only cvomparable event i can think of is the north hollywood bank robbery
if the guys have automatic weapons and armor and are firing a lot in a populated area, yeah i kind of think execution is how that gets solved
right and it will never be carried out in reality as long as humans are involved

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there is no way that 'under any condition' shit holds up
if a civilian takes mil gear i have every expectation that the mil blow that civilian up
right they maybe should have just blown it up
amazing no one got hurt
yeah if i remember correct cops climbed on top of the tank and fired a fuck ton of shots inside
so that circles back to robots with explosives
at some point, their objective isnt to recover a person
its to end a person because its just way more dangerous to the population not to
at that point, how they end the person is kind of trivial to me as long as they dont hurt anyone else
like, if they dropped a grenade into the tank, would it be different?
if they had a robot drop a grenade in, would that make it different?
intent and end result, short of the clean up details, are the same

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our military is trained and equipped to operate in true end of the world situations
ground support and tank warefare is some scary shit
like you see combar vid with radio comms and its pretty insane how much shit goes down, gets blown up in a minute
blackmoon: i mean, ya kinda
we took a few abrams out with abrams, and i think ground support fuckups are consistent
so in a lot of situations like that, the winner is the person who is just more nuts

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im a little chocolate donut person myself
i dont know why but there was cases of this shit in my house in the 80s
probably because costco
no i think they got bought
and they restarted the twinkie factory
On March 12, 2013, it was reported that Twinkies would return to store shelves in May of that year. Twinkies, along with other famed Hostess Brands, were purchased out of bankruptcy by Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co for $410 million.[17][18] Twinkies returned to U.S. shelves on July 15, 2013.[19]
but yeah, twinkies and ding-dongs, we had cases of that shit for some reason

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this was smarter, and possibly safer
bullets are kind of hard to predict
right im am definitely not defending cop behavior in general
i think theyve essentially becomes pussies
because at that point principles are quaint but people are just fighting for their lives
the difference here is the guy was engaging in open combat in a heavily populated area
its been turned into an us vs them thing
by both sides, but one side has the power
the cops would just eat the twinkie jero32
right because of a lackj of twinkie
eh, didnt you see die hard?
they eat twinkies too
rab: it seems documented well enough in at least a few cases
its not hard to get into the nat guard

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that was a special case im not sure i disagree with
i mean its not like the cops pulled someone over for a tail light, sent a robot to get license and reg, and then blew the robot up
knockout gas is lethal
no its lethal
beanbag shotguns are less lethal
tasers are less lethal
knockout gas is lethal
real life isnt a lab, its not a surgury table, cops arent anethsesiologists (sic)
you use enough gas to be effective you accept you might kill people
rab: and get killed if he wasnt
or deal with him dying anyway
right that was their point and i think at that point they were in a lethal force situation
cops use bullets to kill
so im not sure this is a huge difference

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so thats the thing, they tasted like total shit in the 80s and 90s
they tasted like vitamins and cough syrup
and usually were a strange crumbly form of gummy

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rab: my gummy multivatamin should have skulls on them
gone from not caring enough to remember to take vitamin, to resisting urge to eat whole bottle

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