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i should sleep so i can wake up for racecars at british racetrack
nico and lewis crashed last lap of last race, 1-2 finish turned into 1-4, the team manager noted they both could have DNFs
so now mercedes will penalize the drivers heavily if they crash into each other again
they wont say what that means
but ya wtf stop crashing into your teammates
thats like, #1 rule of team racing
thats how you become an unemployed f1 driver
was kind of nicos fault last race =\
but im okay with that, hes showing lewis hes not going to back off
either nico or ricciardo are going to go evil villian this season

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do the shit in a bud box with external supply
and yeah, thats actually not a bad idea
dosing pumps
get some food safe tubing, youre good

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then you set a dispensing pressure, also you can set it to do timed output
so hit foot switch, it does a 2 sec bead
my bad we had those exact models
they have like, wide range model, prescision model, high pressure model
omg yeah
the only thing more awesome is like, cnc glue dispenser, but that dont really work for iterative prototyping
fuck i should rip them off
so just make glue dispensers for like 2/3 the price

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blunt needle squish bottles, like ~10ml things
sec i try and find the shit i used to assembly transducers
they changed them a bit
but you feed it regulated compressed air

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thery have a now expanded distribution partnership
you remember those mint aerosol spray that came in little 5cm^2 cans?
i need that much fader lube
i wonder if that is continuous or like, single puff
maybe i can spray it into a small jar and plastic toothpick it in
that seems like too much i want like two drops
this shit should come in a blunt needle squeeze bottle
ecig diy have them

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blackmoon: theyre already in fire suits
oh i thought you were proposing they do that
so um
hosa bought caig?
hosa bought caig?
the deoxit people
its possible hosa distributes for them, they basically distibute for cable and connector manufacturers (they sell cables)

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like, tunnels? cable cars?
i dont think hub motors will go anywhere in racing, the break the low unsprung weight goal
but 4 inboard motors might becomes a thing
the weight required for decent power would make the wheels like bricks
yeah actually for drag racing i think it can work
motors under the drivers legs, right behind his back, batteries on both sides
you cant fry drivers

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but its basically the order vs anarchy concept, with order as like momentary localized lapses of chaos
er, order vs chaos

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ya last one works i think

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so my take on this, anarchy is analogous to chaos in that it is what exists in the absense of political systems or order
so i guess my big point is, political systems dont really exist, so only anarchy exists
any system would have to allow that because its just reality and the system is based on it
its like saying disneyland allows physics to function within it
its kind of weird and maybe not totally correct
disneyland works because of physics
disneyland is made out of physics
disneylands presents a lot of things that seem to defy physics
but really, ya still just more physics

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i read your article, and i would argue thats its not really a system, its just what happened
people because jaded with religion, so you make governments
people become jaded with politics, so you make shopping and entertainment
um, we have what we have because of greed and love for family
which is anarchism
no it is
you zoom out enough, it still is
its still powerful people and groups acting without rules or laws for their own or their peoples best interest
what you are saying is how most of the people in power are going about maintaining their positions

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catbyte: so yeah when you realize anarchy and chaos basically is the problem, solution is kind of do what works for your damn self
which usually means working with others towards a common goal but not always
no anarchy is the only thing that really exists
everything else is like, some sort of unrealized pretend simplification of something thats never going to happen
it might be able to create the appearance of it happening, but i dont think its actually possible to make it happen
short of maybe running shit with clones and lots of feedback loops
whatever scary shit that means
i think america is the most modern attempt to create a system that kind of deals with anarchism, but make a set of rules that are effectively not rules, because they can be changed as necessary
in effect its an acceptance that the shit just wont work

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shrug, next step is handing it over to the machines

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its like borders
theyre simply not real
its all made up
very made up
well yes partially
there was intent, but much of what has happened is the result of chance
or the biproducts of things that truly were beneficial
basically, for any of this top level philisophical politics to work, the system has to be complex enough that it cant truly be controlled or predicted
like, i guess sure the neo-libs are in control, but the same forces that led to that will probably lead to their downfall
and it may or may not have been the direct reult of their actions and intentions, but no one is ever going to fucking know that
right but thats just anarchy
thats people and groups fighting for more power simply because to not be in power means that your reality is more of a consequence of others and not your own
yeah cyberpunk near future is like, next year

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so i guess the first part of implimenting communism is this authoritarian thing where you stomp out all opposition
stomping out opposition usually creates more opposition
the soviets never got past that phase
communism has never really happened
on the flip side, our election drama makes it pretty fucking obvious america isnt completely a democracy
anyway, my whole take on this is that the only political principles in practice based in the physical laws of the universe are anarchistic
and in fact, every form of government to date at its highest level is just anarchy
in terms of intergovernment relations, its definitely anarchy
powerful people and groups control things
thats is that only principle
that is the only real rule
thats not neoliberalism, thats like basic fucking math
my point is, every fucking political system ever is just a pretend human construct that isnt real and never existed
all of them
its simply powerful groups seeking to retain power

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cap lecture is pretty neat so far

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ha, those things are like $300
um, yeah fuck putting just soldered possibly flux covered wires over something i breathe through
burn them out? those things last years left on all day
im not even sure if the non digital one is regulated
vap bros dont have any sort of feedback

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