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totally shopped
vanta black = select black, fill entire selection
ha weird one on the right you can see a bit of reflection on the top

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i dont buy new coffee because i still have so much of that chocolate-ashtray generic coffee i got
so yeah, buy really shitty coffee seems to be the way to cut coffee consumption

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but it takes me like 3-4 sessions to do a 1lb bag of coffee
rab: try iron skillet
omg fancy
i think aeropress got bigger?
exgf's new aeropress bigger than mine
maybe it is shorter and wider
maybe it is an illusion because of the darker plastic

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rab: yeah i do that lots
air popper beans
im not sure it would work awesome if youre into medium-dark/dark roasts, but i like my coffee unmarketably light so it works awesome
because if you buy wrong popper a fire happens
i have that
it has louvers on the sides
screen on the bottom = fire
um, 30 seconds into first crack
i define start of first crack as like, first bean that cracks
its usually a few minutes, but it depends a lot on how long the popper has been running and ambient temp
like 1/4 to 1/3 lb
too much, and the beans dont circulate right
so they cook uneven
unless you shake
but then you cant do too much because then they fall out

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it sucks

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rab: maybe the spin reeeeally fast
and push out liquids and debris
looks neat!
rab: maybe they mean the fan enclosure
not the enclosure that the fan enclosure is attached to
thats prob not what the guy who wrote that mean, but thats what the lawyer is going to say
i have been living on a very low coffee diet

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