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so unlocked nexus things sell for like 2x vanilla nexus things?
because people cant cmd.exe or something?

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neat mosfet
i think its time for a nap
if you are not going to buy 50k you cant tell them what to do
timecop: theyre for housings and wrong ones are too big?

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the majority of them are
battery life is shit but they measure the same as the mitutoyos as long as you remember to zero them out alot when theyre dying

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because they stack and you can still see inside
action shit
cups are waaay faster to work with than bags
omg if someone knocking over hsit on my bench, im getting project manager to ban mfkr from the lab
also there is hot shit, chemical shit, sticky shit, sharp shit, people generally stay away
they just want to steal the calipers and gtfo

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i think like half my cars came with glove box hardware
its more like, oh fuck, well im not doing that again
im way better about that shit, i think because lab tech job
tracking all the hardware = pro
im a big fan of clear solo cups
fucking CFO's kid was doing intern shit in lab at last job
asked him to get solo cups to hold pens (but also to hold screws, hardware)
he somes back with some bed of 3" tall mini dildos
and bitches about how the company cant be taken down to the level of solo cups
wanted to slap
how will this hold my screws?
i wanted these!

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dashboard clusters are usually flexpcb
since the 80s
like the modules, but on a lot of things the module is the entire cluster
i think so but a lot of stuff is still normal bulbs
i think because oem manufacturers are like fuck you, these bulb machines go another 30 years
naw all that shit is like, one trillion miles tested
they know exactly how long that shit lasts
my 86 honda crx was 5 bolts, 3 plugs, remove dash
yeah most cars fucked like that
luxury cars its like, multiple day job
harness looks like a datacenter was stuffed into a crusher

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wonder how many of those are connector and solder joint issues
i bet a lot of it is flex pcb
so kinda fucked, on my volvo the contact for the twist in light housing was flex pcb
pretty sure i slightly twisted to get it to contact again? rab prob knows way more about it than i remember
i think one of my hondas was same

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i bet thats what internal driver means
not firmware
and it might be referring to the fan controller or the led regulator or both or who knows they prob redesigned it by now anyway and its one epoxy dot

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led headlight bulb has a fansink
wonder if they already do headlight cooling aero and overheat dimming
this shit says it has an internal canbus system
im assuming no one else has a canbus connector on their headlight bulb either and this shit is telling us how it connected some shit on the pcb like we give a fuck
wtf, think troll
to put it on the box you sell it in
prob just a canbus loopback
it might actually be a canbus fan controller, because automotive spec so prob a thing

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