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timecop: hmm fuck
because like, there is not a lot of room for things to get much better with arm, realistically
always lots of opportunities to makes things worse

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blackmoon: yeah, you only have to run at another speed for a few seconds, pretty sure its just the grease friction

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i double negatived a thing
i need more stepper unf to match more spindle unf, unless more spindle unf is just for higher spindle speed
when cold itll lug on the 10k pulley, itll thermal quit sometimes if you dont warm up on a lower speed

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bigass spindle on the taig would be neat
a lot of stuff, spindle is what locks up first, which then locks the steppers
so something bigger with a speed controller would be neat, but this is prob not in the budget for awhile
ya most feedback controlled magnetic stuff
not sure upgrading doesnt make sense unless i do the steppers first
unless its for high speed, tiny stuff like engraving, micro machining

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yeah if first pass is pretty, prob could be going faster
theres a 240 outlet by my cnc i never noticed
i guess there used to be an a/c in the window

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just undid cyanogenmod

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just the mask layer, drills and silk line up

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