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doubt it
i did that!

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i dont see those here
buildings are as old as in LA, a lot of the houses older, so pretty surprising
quasi-small town dont give a fuck
was prob faking for attention
ars technica changed site again
its definitely him
if its not him, its a good enough simulation that it might as well be him

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in california, ur illegal

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you need more excursion to produce lower frequency sound
and right, i think theyre basically tuned bandpass enclosures

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docs are good, standardization of peripherals is neat, peripherals themselves are pretty awesome
super cheap

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i already did my laundry, i dont have to go back to the real world for like 15 minutes
i wouldnt
flavored juice is a ripoff, its as much as cigarettes
plus almost no researched on effects, plus juice and bulk flavor sourced from china
heh, going into a vape store and mentioning unflavored juice online is like going to an electronics store and mentioning monoprice

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dude you say this prob once a month when youre around
well thats the basis of everything ive said in this conversation
i dont know what that is so im going to guess youre right
in that case, applied a certain way, i would totally agree that its a grey area product

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they do but arduino isnt a SBC, its an 8b uC with very little ram and rom
shrug, ask inittab. i always assumed it was GMT but maybe its just set by bios clock
discovery is likely capable of SMC applications
i would consider discovery boards something in between SMC and uC dev board
theyre 32b, running a core that is likely going to take computing from intel, they have more ram and rom and more ways to extend these, and DMA
DMA is kinda of a big deal in this context
right, and my point is because people call arduino a SBC, new hobbyists and students are done a disservice
because it makes them thing arduino and rpi are similar, and theyre not at all
its taking abstraction to the point where its misleading

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21:43:52 < curlyears> I didn't saym, tht, renesis. There you are, putting words in my mouth again.
i asked a question, i didnt make a statement
stop being a douche
course not, but i think thats thats an acceptable requirement to call it a computer as most people comprehend the word computer
it was also the intention of the original rpi project as far as i understand
theyre specifically developed and markted as minimalist systems capable of hosting PC operating systems
arduino intent was a standard pinout avr dev board, and turnkey ide with simplified libraries
the *only* reason people are considering it a SMC now is because of the popularity of rpi, and the fact that the majority of users are not educated enough to understand the differences in capabilities and the benefit of 8b uC simplicity

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okay so your opinion is anything with a microcontroller is a SBC?
nice, my e-cig is a SBC
the ability to hold a modern operating system
for a pc
avr isnt that
rpi is
it doesnt hold a pc operating system, doesnt have the peripherals to support them
its a dev board
the discovery boards are closer to SBC than arduino

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aw man why is he in here again
trolling ##electronics isnt enough?
also how is an arduino a single board computer?
its just a standardized avr devboard with libraries

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