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timecop: do the first two blocks mean anything?
prob like 1000 people staring at them right now
that would make sense
you are getting old when: you see giant hitachi vibrator in porno, you want to take from girl to use on your back

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you just buy everything?
youve become a rich lazy fuck
tho yeah, as far as music, streaming in 2016 makes pirating seem like a whole lot of work
one of my four classes this semester is stm32 w/ keil
so thats neat i get to hack around even if slammed with coursework
no shit?
because keil was turnkey like a mfkr
and ui was just pleasant
high info low effort

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and very few application notes
yeah theyll show that or both

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both working for me
.com has stopped working for me before tho
Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.
fuck now im gonna have to put effort
i just cancelled my newsgroup shit too
i hope i didnt lose my rollover gigs

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Weakly thermoluminescent.
wait maybe that just means not as thermoluminescent as metal

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but yeah i guess foundries take forever to start back up once things have cooled, so if it happens youre basically fucked
id imagine there are as many methods as there are situations
vid of aluminum arc furnace starting up was pretty mind blowing, bunch of arcs hitting huge vat of solid aluminum, and tha aluminum mostly just sitting there soaking up the energy

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im pretty sure all steel factories are operated on the edge of melting down
like, bunch of molten steel in a big steel bucket
so shit is either cooled, or used a short enough time it doesnt melt
fucked up place to have an earthquake
its a fucked up process
they dont even care im pretty sure that happens every other week there

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there is that story about how the isrealis wouldnt buy bradley assault vehicles because they didnt want soldiers to die breathing aluminum vapor from the armor
greymoon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78CBUcGtfOs
it looks like what happened was the steam pushed the molten metal down and then it splashes back up
im pretty sure none of that splash was water

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someone should dip asbestos into a lead pot
im not sure what happens after that
rock velcro is bad!
will it burn?
or it all just vaporizes
right but if you get it hot enough does it burst into flames
like i guess titanium will burn
aluminum def burns
greymoon: did you see vid of water bottle into molten steel?
jero32: aluminum?
im pretty sure its toxic

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greymoon: cali laws are the reason america doesnt have smog like shenzen
people bitch, but their kids can play on the playground at school without literally dying, so its probably a net beneficial thing
yeah but thats because they ruined educational programs, not because they cant breathe
so oddly, i saw those all over the place in los angeles, but i dont see them at all here
thats not cali, thats euro kids
shrug, i just think people dont care as much here
a lot of the houses are around 100 years old, so prob asbestos and lead everywhere

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