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RT is kinda cool in that theyll show tech demo shit like this with no commentary
like, they dont need to make a story out of it before they post
they were the only ones who covered autonomous track day, pretty much same way
too bad theyre slow
says its as fast as the electric bike from early

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get passed by unpowered bikes

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and i guess ceo saw it, didnt know it was incomplete prototype, loved the single port, now stuck with it
yeah he did it like i want to do it
freewheels on both sides
easy easy

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im like, the dfog who bites the cable might like it
is PD stuff implimented at all?
because they had a prototype machine case made with the usb c port, and it didnt have cutouts for usb-a

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yeah i was pretty blown away by the voltafge levels
that sounds right, but they were def ranges and slightly higher
hes acting like this is super dangerous
also that you can plug two chargers into each other with usb c cables
but he didnt do it to prove it would break them
im like, prob nothing happens or ones maybe goes into overcurrent mode but probably not
yeah customer service engineers
like every fucking usb port ever
toaster is literally more than 100x more dangerous
open coils, higher voltage

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eh, youtube link
guy is bitching because google is shipping chargers that dont care about apples load id resistors
when you plug the charger in, he says 5V/3A shows up on the output with nothing plugged in
and thats bad because dogs could chew the cable
if dogs can chew a usb cable they can chew an a/c mains cable, which can deliver 1800W at like 20x the voltage
apple ones wont output unless they see the right set of resistors
well this guy has a load tester with a usb-c port, and google chargers power it up
and thats a problem to this guy
im like, google is shipping standard 5V/3A chargers?
i think my car charger does that
has three ranges of voltages, three associated current limits for usb-c

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so you think theyre lying about the faraday cage bar?
because i give fuck all about the source, its already proven itself to be pretty shit as far as tech comprehension
im not sure but i think this person is angry because he puts the load on the charger, and the charger dfelivers power to the load
i guess because its not checking for the resistors so it could deliver 3A to something other than the phone?
like, that would make me happier
omg puppy would bite into 5v 3A
3A to the puppy! oh no!

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omg doesnt fit
cool idea, guy who did it understand electronics. guy writing article does not.
blackmoon: you see where they explain how faday cages work by inverting the signal of the noise like noise cancelling headphones?
*faraday, tho fday works i guess

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sculptor: http://sputniknews.com/military/20160807/1044016775/snowden-dead-man-switch-greenwald.html
greenwald says hes fine, shrug

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ha weird, coincidentally i just watched the matrix for the first time in who knows, 5 years, 10
aaaand im covered in goosebumps

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was nothing like T6 6061

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twingy style machining is almost sanding/grinding
just that your abrasive media doesnt last so long...
not so much of it either...
he would do 3/8" at 10krpm and no ipm
i do 3/8 at maybe 2krpm and maybe 20ipm
honestly i think the chip load was so low that he wasnt generating enough heat to significantly wear
but ccycles would take forever
it was mostly cast aluminum can stock
cottage cheesy
i think he ended up going that route because it was gummier than normal aluminum when heated
so if you were cutting dry, and close to sane speeds/feeds for Al, and then you code had the tool in the same place for too long, would fuse to the endmill

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or tram your mill dead square, use a small endmill, spin the fuck out of it, cut slow and very shallow
will probably end your endmill
so i guess thats the challenge, finish the finish pass before the billion cuts wear down endmill tips

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looks super functional
pliers and a chisel

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solution from competitor is $3000 garage door clicker from 1982
google or wiki is not very helpful
right si its prob like, antenna into ic
filter and adc in the ic
if radio gets much more complicated than that im not so interested, heh

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